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LED Dyed lights

2016/11/5 LED Parlight

In the auto show, we often can see a lot of different types of lights, there is a light can release the different colors of light effect, it can make the atmosphere about the high up, so many of the a...

280W  Wide range of beam pattern lights

2016/7/16 280w Beam light Pattern

Nowadays, many large domestic companies in the end of the year or product launches and other occasions will be held celebration dinner, to promote the companys achievements in the industry. This shows...

2016/7/3 LED Parlight

In some auto show or wedding scene, we can see a very strange shape of the led lights, that is, led the lights. These led dyed lights can not only play a very good decorative effect, but also to make ...

2016/4/26 LED Parlight

LED par light is a stage lighting, the use of LED lights as a light source, in the course of the use of improper use of the method is likely to cause the lamp burned. So, do you know what LED pump lig...

2016/4/21 stagelight trouble

;With the development of electronic technology, the emergence of computer lights is the stage, film and television, entertainment lighting development history of a leap, but also to people on the ligh...

2016/3/15 LED Stagelight

With the development of society, green, environmental protection, energy-saving boom swept from. The stage lighting industry can not avoid, more and more people use the LED stage lights, the tradition...

Wedding LED par light in the stage of the application

2016/2/29 wedding LED Parlight Stagelight Application

In many wedding occasions, we can see the wedding scene layout by the stage lighting, road and the scene of flowers and so on. Well, a pair of new people for such a wedding site layout requirements ar...

2016/1/20 stagelight

Intelligent and network is the future direction of the development of society as a whole, any industry from these two aspects can only be social out, and the stage lighting is closely related to these...

2016/1/6 stagelight

In order to meet this busy season, the daily maintenance of the stage lighting is indispensable, the only way to ensure that the stage lighting can accomplish the task well, while the maintenance of t...

2015/12/23 stagelight wedding application

The main role of light is lighting, but as long as the application properly, it can also create a lot of colorful scenes, and all walks of life have a close contact in the wedding scene, how to use li...