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LED Pag lamp failure cause

Date:2016/4/26 source:Sicheng Stagelight

LED par light is a stage lighting, the use of LED lights as a light source, in the course of the use of improper use of the method is likely to cause the lamp burned. So, do you know what LED pump light bulb burned is caused by what? LED par lamp manufacturers here to introduce several factors that cause LED par light bulb burned.

The first, install the operator mistakenly mistaken the signal line and power cord, after power will cause a string of lights burned.
The second, when the rain did not do waterproof measures, the signal head water, will be a string of lights burned.

The third, the use of poor quality or not optical isolation technology signal amplifier leakage, so that the lamp signal into the strong power, the light bulb will burn.

Fourth, if the system installation environment is poor, the power line and the signal line is not a good isolation, will cause interference signal situation, the random will make the lamp can not be used normally.

So, we now know that LED lamp light bulb is caused by what, it should be in the use of LED par light in the process of doing a good defensive measures to prevent the emergence of some of the above situation. If you want to know more about LED par light, LED par lamp manufacturers, stage lighting equipment factory information, you can log in our official website

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