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Constructing a personal monitoring system for dealing with complex stage applications

2015/11/7 stagelight personel

In the stage performances, the sound reinforcement system mainly includes live sound reinforcement and stage monitoring sound reinforcement, the two are closely linked. From the working principle, bot...

Eight kinds of difficult problems sound engineering should be dealt with immediately

2015/11/5 audio

KTV, karaoke bar, bar, disco and other night can not be separated from the sound engineering, we are in the installation of audio equipment often encounter some problems, audio lighting system equipme...

Sound and sound recording system design

2015/11/4 Lound music festival

Outdoor music festival in the country in the ascendant, Shanghai Chen Shan grassland radio and music festival (hereinafter referred to as Chenshan Music Festival) to flowers, product music, music enjo...

Design and application of digital lights in the role of different venues

2015/11/2 Digital Light

Stage lighting design is an important part of the stage performance art. In recent years, with the development of digital projection technology and the expansion of its field of art, stage lighting de...

Indoor geometric acoustics design

2015/10/28 lound

When the frequency of sound waves is high, that is, the wavelength of the acoustic wave is smaller than the scale of the reflection surface in the room, the acoustic wave can be regarded as the acoust...

Studio acoustics design should pay attention to aspects

2015/10/26 sound

In recent years, with the rapid development of radio and television technology, especially digital, network, high-definition television production technology gradually mature, the domestic radio and t...

What are the benefits of the high color temperature light in the studio for the stage lighting design?

2015/10/23 light source

As one of the carrier of artistic expression, television lighting time is not long, but the development speed is amazing. Especially in recent years, LED and other large number of new technology appli...

How to do LED lighting cooling effect of a good state

2015/10/21 led Light

LED lamp cooling system design is related to the success or failure of the important part of the lamp, especially for high-power, high power density LED module, cooling problem is particularly promine...

2015/10/21 Audio

One, silent1. The speaker is broken or the divider is abnormalAfter the speaker wiring is broken, the speaker unit has no excitation voltage, it will cause a silent fault. Crossover is generally not e...

How to adjust the basic elements of the motion control system

2015/10/19 remove stage

In the current stage performance, the director in order to improve the quality of performances and artistic effects, changes in the performance requirements of the scene more and more complex. Traditi...