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280W Wide range of beam pattern lights

Date:2016/7/16 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Nowadays, many large domestic companies in the end of the year or product launches and other occasions will be held celebration dinner, to promote the companys achievements in the industry. This shows that people pay more and more attention to entertainment, especially in many cities now began to vigorously develop the stage show. So today, Guangzhou Sicheng stage lighting audio Technology Co., Ltd. will be for you to analyze the "280w beam pattern lights", 280w beam pattern lights what is the special place?
280w beam pattern lamp is a new type of beam moving head light, it brings together the most advanced combination of optical principles, but also mixed with the optical field of mature micro-engineering technology and electronic breakthroughs in the field of technology. It uses the latest design of the 280W bulb, the light body is incredibly light, providing unparalleled brightness, fast and precise action, complete effect package, in response to professional stage lighting strict requirements of the color. 280w beam light has a high efficiency of the brightness output, quiet operation, very low power consumption, is environmentally conscious high-performance perfect lighting.
The 280w beam light combines the major technologies in the lighting, and from the design requirements of high brightness, so 280w than 200w beam lamp brightness to be twice as high. It can be said 280w beam lights on the stage more penetrating, and LED and LED lights together, the entire rendering environment will be very perfect.
If you want to ask why the 280w beam lamp is as much as twice as bright as the 200w beam light, it is a combination of two prisms that use a prism, including a prism, an octagonal prism and a trapezoidal effect. Through the perfect combination of the three, making the 280w beam light was given a new mission, but also to the whole stage become dazzling.
Said in front of the 280w beam light is to join the new technology optical combination lens technology, in fact, it is from the optical point of view, using the internal focus function, and the relative focus with the external focus are external focus The advantage is that it can prevent external dust from entering, enhancing the beam becomes better full, making the lens life longer. The last thing to mention is that it is a rotatable full copper exquisite pattern plate, 13 small pictures can be freely transferred by the film, and can be free to change the pattern, because it has a pluggable function.

280W  Wide range of beam pattern lights

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