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Future stage lighting tends to network and intelligent

Date:2016/1/20 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Intelligent and network is the future direction of the development of society as a whole, any industry from these two aspects can only be social out, and the stage lighting is closely related to these two aspects, I can not imagine, no intelligent and network But the stage lighting is not smooth sailing, divided into several stages: the original control technology stage; simulation control technology stage; digital technology control stage, and todays intelligent The era of network control.
The above stages, we want to get more detailed information, can own Baidu, today limited by limited space, no longer say here. To say that the most central part of the stage lighting, than its lighting control system, it is equivalent to our brains, command the body parts of the organs.
The composition of the stage lighting control system can be divided into the control part of the weak and the power part of the strong electric power.
Control part
Stage lighting control convergence can be divided into three basic systems, namely the withered control system, computer lighting control system, color change control system. On the connection and life, experienced a simulation, digital (DMX), the network three times. In the analog and digital age, the three control systems are basically independent of each other, self-contained, into the network era. The three systems synthesize a large system that enhances the control function and facilitates management.
2. Strong electric system
Power is part of the energy source of light. Although not as complex as the control part, but also very important to the basic components of the light. The strong electric part can be divided into the power supply part before the dimmer and the light line part after the dimmer or the direct switch.
3. Fixture console principle
The control system of the fixture is usually made up of a number of computer lights and a combination of computerized light fixtures, which are connected in series through a multi-core control cable (XLR). By the computer console unified operation, the staff only in the console before programming, to control the action of all the computer lights. One or two monolithic microprocessors (also known as single-chip microcontrollers) are built into a single chip processor that integrates the CPU and a small amount of RAM, ROM, and I / O ports on a single piece of silicon. A single-chip microprocessor sends a signal through the drive circuit to move the various miniature stepper motor, which drives the various color wheel, pattern, lens, mirror movement, resulting in a variety of color and shape of the beam and its space movement.
Stage lighting control system more and more intelligent, and its role is also growing, give us more shocking visual effects, and this is not the ultimate form of stage lighting, with the continuous progress of science and technology, the future Stage lighting can give us what kind of surprise it, let us wait and see it.

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