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LED Stage lamp production process should pay attention to what matters?

Date:2016/3/15 source:Sicheng Stagelight

With the development of society, green, environmental protection, energy-saving boom swept from. The stage lighting industry can not avoid, more and more people use the LED stage lights, the traditional stage lights are gradually out of the stage of history. So, LED stage lights production should pay attention to what the problem? Now, by the stage lighting manufacturers for everyone to briefly introduce.

First, LED stage lights in the process of production and production to take anti-static measures, or LED lamp beads are easy to be static damage. This requires workers to bring the static ring or anti-static gloves, or will be in accordance with the anti-static ion fan, while ensuring the production workshop humidity of about 65%, so as not to dry the air is too static. In addition, different quality grades of LED lamp beads anti-static capacity is not the same, high quality, high grade LED stage lamp anti-static ability to be stronger.

Second, some manufacturers in order to reduce product costs using "resistance to buck" approach to the LED stage lamp product power supply, this will directly affect the LED stage lamp product life. Should be dedicated switching power supply (preferably constant current source) to LED product power supply, so that will not affect the product life, although the product cost is relatively high.

Third, the temperature rise will make LED internal resistance smaller. When the ambient temperature increases, the LED light source resistance will be reduced, if the use of regulated power supply will cause LED current rise, when more than its rated current, will affect the LED product life, LED light source "burned", it should use constant current source power supply to ensure that the LED current from the outside temperature.

Fourth, LED products sealed. LED stage lights products are often used in outdoor, the same face a waterproof, moisture-proof sealing problem, if not handled directly will directly affect the life of LED products. Some manufacturers of high quality requirements of the use of traditional epoxy "watering" approach to seal the LED products, this method is too cumbersome to operate, for larger LED products (such as LED guardrail lights) is not very suitable , But also cause the increase in product weight.

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