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Stage lighting equipment troubleshooting

Date:2016/4/21 source:Sicheng Stagelight

;With the development of electronic technology, the emergence of computer lights is the stage, film and television, entertainment lighting development history of a leap, but also to people on the lighting technology has a new understanding. Scanner is a lighting technology and computer technology combined with a new type of lamp, which itself is equipped with a microcomputer circuit, you can accept the signal from the console, and it is converted into electrical control part of the mechanical, to achieve a variety of functions. So, how does the fixture malfunction? Stage lighting manufacturers to introduce some of the common computer lights and their solutions.
Failure one, boot no response:
1, check the voltage is 220V;
2, check the insurance within the lamp;
3, check the switching power supply output voltage (32V, 12V, 5v):
4, check the circuit board is working properly (light);
①, red for the power of work refers to the light;
②, yellow for the CPU work indicator;
⑤, green for the signal work indicator;
Failure two, boot can be reset but not lit:
1, check the bulb is good or bad, the light bulb is installed correctly;
2, switching power supply is 12V output, the motherboard temperature control short circuit, the lighting at whether there are 12V voltage;
3, temperature control switch with or without open phenomenon;
4, electronic rectifier lighting instantaneous output voltage is about 380V or so;
5, electronic trigger is damaged (replace the electronic trigger test light);
Failure three, boot time after the work, the lights appear automatically reset:
1, switching power supply output is unstable;
2, the line in the cable loosening or pressure line is not compressed, resulting in contact with small, which appears to automatically reset;
Failure four, the bulb automatic bubble:
1, bulb after the bubble, over time and automatic light bubble. Check whether the cooling system is working properly, if the cooling system failure, will lead to the lamp body temperature is too high, the temperature control switch will automatically jump, so as to ensure the safe use of lamps. Lamps in the case of electronic lighting off, when the lamp body temperature decreases, it will automatically light up.
2, the bulb after the bubble, can not automatically bubble: light bulb body problems, bulb ball surface was whitening, the inside was black, bright bubble after a period of time there will be the phenomenon of electricity bubble (lamp end of life);
3, the lamp in the K when there is no control signal will appear in the case of automatic protection foam, turn on the signal will automatically turn on the lights;
Fault five, light bulb, motor reset normal, but not controlled:
1, check the connection signal (DMX);
2, check the lamp address code;
3, check the signal IC (75176) is damaged;
Failure six, start burning insurance or power trip:
1, check the rectifier is short circuit, the boot current is too large;
2, whether the light bulb to ground;
3, whether the high voltage inside the light to the ground short circuit (referring to the case of a ground line);
Fault seven, the lamp does not trigger, can not light or brightness is not enough:
1, the lamp work voltage is too low;
2, the trigger is faulty (replacement):
3, the lamp life has been to (replacement);
4, electronic rectifier damage;
Failure eight, light bulbs can not but bubble:
1, the menu is set "electronic lighting off";
2, temperature control is short to the ground;
3, rectifier is damaged;
Failure nine, can bright bubble, can be controlled, but after the reset is not white:
1, the distance between the Hall element and the magnet is between 2-3 mm;
2, whether the zero adjustment of the lamp;
Fault ten, motor jitter or out of step:
1, the motor is short circuit, resulting in burning IC (3711);
2, the motherboard is damaged;
3, the pattern wheel, color wheel fixed screw is tight;
4, Hall element and magnet asked the positioning of small quasi;
Fault eleven, channel parts stuck: stuck for general mechanical reasons (except CMY color, when a piece of CMY piece rupture, so that off the next meter, which affect the normal operation of other color films, this time will appear color Chip stuck phenomenon)
1, whether the deformation of the parts lead to rubbing;
2, whether the installation of parts in place;
3, whether the parts out of the phenomenon, resulting in stuck;
4, stepper motor failure, resulting in motor card shaft;
Fault twelve display panel no display:
1, display panel damage:
2, connect the display panel of the seven-wire is loose or damaged

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