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Stage lighting equipment maintenance precautions

Date:2016/12/24 source:Sicheng Stagelight

The life of the stage lighting equipment depends to a large extent on the daily maintenance of the equipment.
Light equipment maintenance more trivial, not only the daily routine to carry out some routine testing, but also the monthly equipment and maintenance and appropriate debugging. There are many customers in this area is doing quite well. Before we teach you how to do routine testing equipment, and now to talk about lighting equipment maintenance precautions it
Stage lighting equipment maintenance Note:
1, open the first half an hour, open all the equipment - low temperature preheating, while testing all equipment and lines, low temperature state is light light can be.
2, boot up to fifteen minutes after all the equipment zero, so that equipment cooling, cooling time of not less than fifteen minutes.
3, after the heat, you can officially enter the music show stage.
4, the end of the show, the guests leave, the lighting division should shut down all the equipment, and let the equipment heat fifteen to twenty minutes, and then the equipment for storage or mask, lighting division to leave.
Or more, is the stage lighting equipment maintenance precautions.

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