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LED Dyed lights

Date:2016/11/5 source:Sicheng Stagelight

In the auto show, we often can see a lot of different types of lights, there is a light can release the different colors of light effect, it can make the atmosphere about the high up, so many of the auto show will use such a lamp, this Light is the LED light. LED dyed lights can not only adjust the atmosphere of the auto show, but also to mobilize peoples emotions, so many times we use these lighting to mobilize peoples emotions. In addition, this LED dyed lamp cost is very high, the purchase is also more convenient, in many lamp products market can buy to. So, this LED dyed lights in the purchase time need to pay attention to what? Here, by the Guangzhou think of lighting audio Technology Co., Ltd. teach you how to buy LED dyed light it.
First of all, the need to pay attention to the place is the power of the lamp. We all know that many of the auto show are limited power, if we use the lamp power is relatively large, then we will bring some trouble, and sometimes may also affect the show held, so worth the candle. So first in the light before buying lights to be optimistic about the power of these lights, and some power is very large, if you have to use the words to limit the number of these lights, and if you buy more will affect the use of other lights The LED dyed lamp because there is a display, so its power compared with the general light will be some big, so the number of purchases should be noted that can not buy a lot of the number, it is difficult to use. But if the show is not limited to power, then it does not matter, you can use these lights the normal.

LED Dyed lights



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