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What is the good fog screen and fog screen used there?

2017/9/9 Fog Machine

Stage lighting more high-level development, has been to the 3D holographic conversion, and now also out of a super hot stage lighting products fog screen, fog screen to become the peoples life to purs...

Analysis of the stage lighting quality optimization product differences

2017/8/25 stagelight

Do you know how many steps and steps a stage lamp can go from the factory to the stage? You can know a stage lamp behind the number of technical support, in order to create the stage of the ever-chang...

TV studio lighting system technology upgrade

2016/4/22 TV Light Audio

Yangzhou radio and television station (referred to as Yangzhou Taiwan) 160 ㎡ studio lighting system was founded in 1998, is mainly used for Yangzhou Taiwan City Channel Todays life column of various t...

Stage lighting design television program

2015/12/16 stagelight design

The past two years, China good voice, I am a singer and other popular music programs, once again ignited the draft boom, its production, marketing model is also widespread concern. I have been involve...

How to design the sound field of Guangzhou Grand Theater

2015/10/13 Guangzhou Audio

Guangzhou Grand Theater with a total construction area of about 70,000 square meters, the core design concept known as the rounded gravel: big gravel includes 1800 theater and recording studio, art ex...

How the light beam is broken?

2017/10/5 beam light

First, the light bulb does not shine1. Trigger is damaged2. Bulb circuit power cord folding section3. The relay does not touch or contact contact is not good4. Ballast coil short circuit and so onSeco...