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Stage lighting application

Date:2017/2/13 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Stage lighting manufacturers tell you the dance floor used in the effect of different stage lighting equipment
A. Fixture: Use a multi-lens scanning scanner (GENIUS / Italy. LP 78), which is characterized by very stable performance, bright colors and bright, and the performance of the dance floor shaking head computer lights (GRIVEN / Italy. Kievs GR 422: beautiful appearance, good optical output, large spot, full function, with UV effects, glass and prism rotation and other effects) with or alone, the atmosphere in the dance floor to a climax.
B. cosmic UFO central main light (GRIVEN / Italy. Kefens GR 500): placed on top of the dance floor, compared with other brands of the main lamp, the light bulb thin and large cross-sectional area, picking effect sensitive , The motor is running quiet, built a variety of procedures, with the rhythm of the program changes, the beam also changes, the light coverage area is very large, so a lamp can play the role of multi-lights, and lanterns, rotating lanterns and other effects lights , Can be used for slow song; and with strobe, computer lights, etc. can be used for fast song. Usually, the computer lights do not open, can also be used independently,
C. effect lights (lantern): tube scroll lanterns, according to Li lanterns, effects lanterns and other patterns varied, dozens of beams of light pouring down, evenly spread on the ground, such as stars, or colored flowers everywhere, blink of an eye Change the other beautiful graphics, a little smoke, the air rotation of the cluster of colored light beam or intertwined or parallel, the effect is excellent; and rotating tunnel lanterns and slow lantern lanterns (can add a variety of colors of color paper) can form a leisurely Fluttering aura and radiant feeling, is a slow dance or melodious dance with excellent match.

D. Spotlight AR 56 series of silver aluminum alloy shell, good texture, add color paper after use, both as the dance floor of the basic light can also be with the music chase, to produce a different atmosphere effect.
Spotlight, etc. can be dimmed and other processing, due to the possibility of performance, but also equipped with snow and other special effects equipment. In addition, also equipped with strong strobe lights and other equipment, in order to produce performances and disco effects. Light control equipment also left a certain margin, for future adjustment to add equipment used.

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