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The reason and the solution of the sound without sound


One, silent
1. The speaker is broken or the divider is abnormal
After the speaker wiring is broken, the speaker unit has no excitation voltage, it will cause a silent fault. Crossover is generally not easy to break, but may lead wire joint desoldering, frequency capacitor short circuit and other failures.
2. Voice loop break
Can be used multimeter R × 1 file to measure the speaker lead wire, if the resistance is ∞, the knife can be used at both ends of the voice coil at both ends of the lead paint scraping, exposed bare copper and then measured, if still unreasonable, Broken wire; if the measurement has been through and "Khaki" sound, then the voice coil lead wire break, the thread can be a good solder, and then another section with the voice coil winding welding wire can be welded.
3. The speaker leads are broken
As the speaker cone vibrates frequently, the braid is easy to break, and sometimes the wire is broken, but the cotton core remains connected. This braid is not easy to buy, can be used slightly longer than the soft wire instead.
4. Voice coil burned
Use the multimeter R × 1 file to measure the speaker lead, if the resistance close to 0Ω, and no "Khaki" sound, then the voice coil burned. Before replacing the voice coil, you should first remove the debris in the magnetic gap, and then carefully put the new voice coil into the magnetic gap, righting the voice coil, while listening to the edge with a strong glue fixed voice coil up and down position, Position, with a strong glue to the voice coil and cone gap filled to about half, and finally sealed dust cover, the speaker basin up, placed one day after the normal use.
Second, the sound sometimes no time
1. Poor speaker lead
Usually the voice coil lead to broken or poor welding caused by the frequent vibration of the cone, the breakpoint sometimes connected, sometimes broken, the formation of irregular when the ring does not ring failure.
2. The voice coil is broken or short-circuited
3. The power amplifier output socket is bad or the speaker input line is broken
Third, the volume is small
1. The performance of the loudspeaker is not good and the magnetic properties of the magnet are reduced
The sensitivity of the loudspeaker depends mainly on the magneticity of the permanent magnet, the quality of the cone and the merits of the assembly process. Can use ferromagnetic objects to touch the magnet, according to the size of the size of the magnet is generally estimated magnetic strength, if the magnetic is too weak, can only replace the speaker.
2. Guide the magnetic core column loose
When the speaker of the magnetic core pin loose, will be guided to the side of the magnet, the voice coil by squeezing and prevent normal sound. Maintenance can be hand tap the cone, if you do not move, it may be the voice coil was clamped by the core, to be removed and re-bonded before resumption of use.
3. The divider is abnormal
When the divider in the poor components, the corresponding band of the signal is blocked, the band speaker a small volume failure. Should focus on checking the sub-frequency capacitor in parallel with the subwoofer short circuit, and tweeter in parallel with the frequency of the inductor coil is short-circuit.
Fourth, the sound is abnormal
There is a debris in the magnetic gap
If there are debris into the magnetic gap, voice coil vibration will be friction with the debris, resulting in hoarse voice.
2. Voice coil
Voice coil position is not correct, and the core wipe off, resulting in sound distortion, maintenance should correct the voice coil position or replace the voice coil.
3. The basin is broken
Damage area should be replaced with a large paper bowl, damaged area can be small with a little paper cone or other toughness better paper repair.
4. box bad
Box bad seal or decorative mesh cover is not strong, etc., will cause the sound when there is rupture. In addition, the box sheet is too thin to lead to resonance, will produce abnormal sound.
Here are six common reasons why the sound does not sound:
1, the socket is bad, the signal line is bad. To check the clear sound power, the various signal lines are in good contact.
2, the amplifier is the most common failure is bad capacitor or burn power amplifier, and this has our use of the problem, but most of the equipment itself is not stable.
3, some power amplifier will be a channel no sound failure, the problem is still inside the circuit.
4, as for what other power amplifier power amplifier position is not good, left and right channel imbalance, protection function is too frequent, the rear panel switch switch is not good and signal jack and other issues, in short, the amplifier is now sound system comparison Prone to failure of an electrical equipment.
5, the speaker part of the most common fault is the speaker problem, and can be said that a sound system is the most prone to failure is burned speakers, of course, there are human factors, but most of the speaker itself is the quality of the problem.
6, the speaker of another common fault is the aging of the wiring port, bad contact, especially the frequent flow of the speaker prone to this failure.

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