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How to adjust the basic elements of the motion control system

In the current stage performance, the director in order to improve the quality of performances and artistic effects, changes in the performance requirements of the scene more and more complex. Traditional stage table is more fixed, and modeling, style than a single, the overall stage of the technical level is low, has been unable to meet todays popular performance needs. The PLC programmable controller motion control technology applied to the stage mechanical motion control, to achieve the stage of the lift, translation, rotation, stretching and other sports movements, can make the show more colorful. PLC (programmable logic controller, programmable logic controller referred to), is based on the traditional sequential controller introduced microelectronics technology, computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology and the formation of a new industrial control device, the purpose is to use To replace the relay, the implementation of logic, timing, counting and other sequential control functions. PLC is a digital operation of the electronic system, designed for industrial environments and design. It uses programmable memory for storing instructions in its operations, such as logical operations, sequential control, timing, counting, and arithmetic operations, and controlling various types of machinery through digital, analog input and output And the production process. PLC and its related equipment, should be easy to make the industrial control system to form the overall and expansion of the principle of design. In general, PLC is divided into the wholeType and modular, but their composition is the same. The structure is shown in FigHow to adjust the basic elements of the motion control systemFigure 1 PLC basic structure diagram Rotary stage motion control system mainly by the mechanical, electrical, control the three major components. 1 mechanical part of the basic composition of the rotating stage is the main control of the control system. It is mainly composed of turntable table, tray and bracket, drive shaft, gear box, guide wheel and so on. Rotate the stage to complete the 360 ° rotation, and can stopAny angular position or absolute position. Figure 2 is the rotation stageSchematic diagram of mechanical structure。How to adjust the basic elements of the motion control systemFigure 2 Schematic diagram of the mechanical structure of the rotating stage 2 electrical control part of the electrical control part of the main rotary motion control system is part of the circuit control. It is mainly by the inverter, asynchronous motors, circuit breakers, electromagnetic contactors, relays, magnetic scale, head, signal amplifier and other components. This section mainly completes the hardware logic control relationship. Although the PLCs soft relay completes most of the logic control in the control loopFunction, but there is a part of the control function to be completed by the hardware electrical components. The main functions are the following: (1) control power and brake power on and off. As shown in Figure 3.How to adjust the basic elements of the motion control systemFigure 3 power and brake power control circuit connection diagram (2) constitute the local control loop. (3) constitute a security circuit, such as interlocking, emergency shutdown and so on. (4) to the PLC input moduleTransmit the system status signal, as shown in Figure 4.How to adjust the basic elements of the motion control systemFigure 4 PLC digital input circuit diagram 2.1 displacement measurement system structure and principle In this case, the displacement measurement system uses the Japanese Macome company produced MC displacement measurement system. It consists of magnetic scale, head and signal amplifier composed of three parts. As shown in Figure 5. As shown in Fig. 6, the structure of the magnetic scale is a stainless steel with a thickness of 0.3 mm and a width of 35 mm, and a rubber magnet having a thickness of 1.6 mm and a width of 20 mm is adhered thereto. The thickness of the rubber magnets is 20 mm in the same distance between the N-pole and the S-pole引。How to adjust the basic elements of the motion control systemFigure 5 MC displacement measurement systemHow to adjust the basic elements of the motion control systemFigure 6 magnetic scale structure head and signal amplifier together constitute a signal sensor. Magnetic prism on every 10 mm interval there are N pole and S pole magnetic field mutual magnetization. The signal sensor converts the amount of the magnetic field into a signal of the A and B phases and becomes a pulse signal with a maximum resolution of 0.1 mm by connecting the signal amplifier. As shown in Figure 7. The magnetic scale is mounted on the edge of the turntable. When there is relative movement between the magnetic scale and the head (maximum reaction speed is 10 m / s), the magnetic head senses the change of the N pole and S pole magnetic field on the magnetic scale, The amplifier converts the change of the magnetic field into a two-phase pulse signal and outputs it to the counter module FM-350 of the distributed I / O. The CPU of the final PLC calculates the amount of displacement based on the number of pulses recorded by the counter module FM-350 and the displacement algorithm.How to adjust the basic elements of the motion control systemFigure 7 signal amplifier output pulse signal A phase, B phase 3 PLC control part of the basic form of PLC control part of the control as the core part, mainly by the host computer (man-machine interface), the next machine (PLC control module), distributed I / O A slave station (including each module), a communication network, and the like. PLC control part of the rotary stage motion control system is the core part of the completion of the field data collection, transmission, processing, motion control algorithm calculation, alarm information processing, network communication and other functions. Excerpt from "Performing Arts" in 2012 tenth period
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