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2016/1/8 stagelight

Large span lifting stage structure shown in Figure 1, the components for the independent manufacturing, through the connection structure for assembly. As the equipment volume, production and location ...

Record 3D sounds for music classes

2016/1/5 Music 3D

3D is a popular term in recent years to 3D movies, 3D TV, 3D games, 3D projection, as the representative of the 3D imaging technology has become a hot topic in the field of video. And audio, 3D sound ...

New requirements and the characteristics of the new control system in the modern stage of the embodiment of the effect of choreography

2016/1/1 stagelight

This article introduces the design system (hereinafter referred to as ST control system) designed by UK Stage Technologies (hereinafter referred to as ST Company) after participating in the constructi...

Application of Mechanical Lifting in Flexible Driven Column

2015/12/19 stagelight

1 OverviewFlexible drive column device is based on the roller chain drive, combined with a square hollow column with high overall stability and other characteristics developed, and the current flexibl...

The Principle and Design of Music and Stage Lighting Interconnection System

2015/12/18 Music Stagelight

Music is auditory art, color is the visual art, the two act on different senses, but it will have an impact on peoples psychology. People have been feeling the sound and light there is a delicate con...

Stage lighting design television program

2015/12/16 stagelight design

The past two years, China good voice, I am a singer and other popular music programs, once again ignited the draft boom, its production, marketing model is also widespread concern. I have been involve...

7 basic conditions determine the stage multi-element centralized control

2015/12/15 stagelight

With the rich form of theatrical stage, the stage of the use of stage machinery, lighting, audio, video and other performing arts equipment types and the number of products are increasing, more sophis...

Monitoring the five major technical entertainment network stage lighting

2015/12/14 stagelight

Stage and its supporting equipment is for the opera, song and dance performances to provide venues, and rendering the scene of the comprehensive facilities, has become an indispensable part of modern ...

Application of Stage Work Lighting System in PLC Reconstruction

2015/12/10 stagelight

Often, according to its function, the theater lighting system can be divided into stage performance lighting system, stage work lighting system and theater conventional lighting system. Stage lighting...

The Effect of Musical Emotional Perception on Reverberation

2015/12/8 confuse Audio

Reverberation is the sound energy emitted from the sound source in the room, reflected back and forth in the direction of the propagation, and gradually absorbed by the wall and gradually decay phenom...