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Application of Stage Work Lighting System in PLC Reconstruction

Often, according to its function, the theater lighting system can be divided into stage performance lighting system, stage work lighting system and theater conventional lighting system. Stage lighting refers to the stage lighting design staff according to different forms of drama and stage system, according to the directors creative ideas, the use of different types of stage lighting, and through the deployment of different lighting shades, colors, patterns and special effects and other means to complete The overall shaping process of the stage performance. The stage lighting system includes lighting equipment for stage lighting art, such as stage lighting, control system, etc., the control mode is a professional stage lighting control, transmission signal for the DMX 512 signal. Stage work lighting system refers to the stage area and the whole theater work lighting, including the stage area of the operating lighting and stage machinery and equipment maintenance lighting. According to the different stage requirements and work characteristics, work lighting system can be divided into stage lights, boom lights, Taiwan lights, dark slot lights, still lights, walkway lights, outdoor lighting, etc. (in this I will field lights Divided into the stage lighting category, because of its control of opening and closing the way through the professional dimming equipment can be completed), different locations of the lighting on and off with the stage work is closely related to the different content. Its control methods are mostly through the exchange of contactors to complete the local, stage supervision disk, screening and other open and close control form. Theater Conventional lighting system, as the name implies, refers to the lighting system that meets the daily office of the theater and other routine work. Such lighting systems are generally controlled in the traditional sense of the form of electrical lighting control. This article takes the stage work illumination system as the object of discussion. Stage work lighting system opening and closing mode and stage technical work and performance process are inseparable. Traditionally, the installation of control buttons in multiple places, the different parts of the stage lighting control, this design is easy to control at the same time, but also increase the probability of misuse of staff or other uncertainties; During the performance of the stage work lighting inexplicable open, or in the opening ceremony of the stage work lighting has not yet been closed when the phenomenon has occurred. These abnormal conditions will seriously interfere with the performance of the normal order and performance of the relative integrity of the stage technician does not want to happen. Of course, this is also a simple function of relay control, wiring and other technical features related to complex. In recent years, programmable logic controller (PLC) has been in the field of mechanical control has been a lot of applications; because of its highly flexible and reliable programming control, through the relay control technology, computer technology, The effective integration of electronic technology, the same stage work lighting system is also applicable. As long as the stage work lighting system relay control circuit to be properly modified, the stage technology process for integrated classification, through targeted control combination, the formation of different stage work lighting control mode, the above problems will be completely resolved. This paper briefly introduces the central theater college experimental theater in the stage work lighting system using PLC transformation program. 1 stage work lighting system control requirements and features First of all, I briefly introduce the stage work lighting system in different stage parts of the lighting function. Stage lights refers to the stage for the left and right lanthening channel and the right and left axle channel to provide the necessary lighting combination of lighting; boom lamp refers to the stage for the necessary lighting to provide the combination of lamps; port lights for the stage lips and the audience before Area to provide the necessary lighting combination of lighting; three are for the stage technical workers in the corresponding area operation to provide the necessary illumination needs. In addition, the large report and the meeting process also need to open the port lights. A dark slot lamp is a combination of lamps that provide the necessary lighting for the box passage in the upper part of the auditorium, providing the stage technician with the necessary illumination requirements for the area when working in the box passage and in the operating room. A static field lamp is a combination of luminaires that provide clean lighting for the entire auditorium and is often used to provide the necessary work lighting for field workers. Aisle lamp is a combination of lamps that are installed at the bottom of the auditorium to provide lighting for the auditorium channel. It is usually used to find the corresponding seat number for the audience who is late for the performance. The rehearsal process also provides the necessary Illumination requirements. Outdoor architectural lighting refers to the appearance of the entire theater to provide the appearance of lighting class lighting combination, usually only late show or night to hold large-scale activities will be opened. According to the different stage of the process, the stage work lighting system can be co-ordinated for the following several modes of operation, that is, control requirements. 1.1 Overhaul Mode This mode is an inherent pattern required for routine maintenance of all stage work lighting. The control requirements are: through the timing control to open all the stage work lighting facilities, to test the corresponding lighting group is able to work the purpose of normal. The reason why the use of timing control method is due to the stage work lighting system load scale second only to the stage performance lighting system, while opening the power supply system will form the impact of the current; through the sequence in turn open, you can effectively reduce the opening moment of electricity Load, reducing the impact on the power supply system voltage. 1.2 Cleaning mode This mode is a work pattern defined by the combination of different stage work lighting fixtures that the field operator needs to perform the necessary cleaning of the stage and the auditorium. The control requirements are: the opening of the boom lamp and the static field lamp, for the audience and the stage table to provide the necessary cleaning lighting. 1.3 Performance Mode This mode is for the stage in the upcoming performance or screening, as well as the performance or screening process defined in the stage work lighting mode. The control requirements are: the audience after admission is the performance of the waiting state, all stage work lighting system (except field lights) only open outdoor building lamps and auditorium walkway lights. Of course, the author here will be defined as a night show performances in the outdoor building lighting relay control circuit also installed a computer time timer device, by default time to distinguish between day and evening performances, the formation of outdoor architectural lighting The second control condition for opening and closing control. 1.4 Conference Mode This mode is a work pattern defined for the combination of different stage work lighting required to use the theater as a venue for large conferences or lectures. The control requirements are: open boom lights, static lights, Taiwan lights. Of course, at the same time in the course of such meetings or lectures supplemented with the necessary professional stage lighting (such as light, light, etc.). 1.5 Rehearsal Mode This mode is the work pattern defined for the different stage work lighting combinations required for the stage performance rehearsal process. The control requirements are: to open the stage lights, dark slot lights, walkway lights, because the repertoire rehearsal process only for the stage technical workers and cast and crew to provide the necessary stage on different parts of the channel lighting can be, and this is to ensure that the stage Professional lighting art results show the inevitable process requirements. 2 PLC application andRealize the original stage of the work of the original lighting system three control relay principleApplication of Stage Work Lighting System in PLC Reconstruction口Figure 1 Figure 1 for the stage work lighting system relay three control secondary schematic. KT: Only the outdoor building lighting relay control circuit with a delay closed normally open contact, the contact for the theater evening show control when the disappointment of the opening and closing lighting, maintenance mode only when the computer timer set to manual mode You can, other stage work lighting without this delay normally open contact, and the same control loop. KA1-KA7 is the operating mode drive relay contact. 2.2 Assign input and outputApplication of Stage Work Lighting System in PLC ReconstructionFigure 2 Figure 2 for the PLC control system diagram, which, KA1-KA7 output relay model: HF18FA / 24-2Z1GDJ, coil voltage is DC 24V (built-in freewheeling diode), KA1-KA7 a group of normally open contacts with Figure 1 Local control of the corresponding AC contactor KM normally open contact circuit in parallel, the stage monitoring disk and the screening control to adjust the work modeType control mode. 2.3 Output allocation tableApplication of Stage Work Lighting System in PLC Reconstruction2.4 System working principle The system works as follows: Input image register I0.0 to I0.4 for each operating mode of the start input, input image registers I1.0 to I1.4 for the various operating mode stop input. At the same time, through the bit storage registers M0.0 to M0.4 to achieve the stage work lighting system in the combination of different lighting control of the overall control, and in the various modes of work between the necessary interlocking logic to ensure that the same Time can only have a work mode on the stage work lighting system control. In addition, the use of T37 to T42 timing register in the maintenance mode of work by adding a sequential logic control, each timer register, respectively, in order to increase the delay of 1 second, making the stage work lighting system is in maintenance mode, to avoid instantly open at the same time, Power supply system to form the impact of current to ensure the stability of the supply voltage. The network 6 to the network 12 is used as the driving logic of the outdoor building lighting, the boom lamp, the static field lamp, the stage lamp, the dark groove lamp, the station lamp and the walkway lamp respectively, and Q0.0 to Q0.6 are output image register Drive KA1 to KA7, and ultimately make the stage work lighting system in different modes of work to obtain overall control effect. 3 Conclusion PLC through the stage of the work of the transformation of the lighting system, for different stages of process requirements and work characteristics, customization of different modes of work, effectively avoid the stage in the process of work in the process of lighting the possibility of misuse, improve the stage The reliability of the work lighting system makes the integrity of the stage show a better presentation. Further, if the operational authority intelligent control facilities are re-installed between the various operating modes, the operational purpose and behavior of the different stage equipment operators or other stage activity groups are efficiently identified and limited, and this intelligent identification and limitation deepening is extended to All the stage electrical, mechanical, lighting, sound, security and other equipment groups, you can form a complete intelligent network stage technology system and platform, which is the stage technician need to explore the technology lies in the fundamental.
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