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Stage lighting layout dancing effect attention

2016/4/12 stagelight

(This paper comes from the network)1 theater-related lighting design problemsNow the theater construction in the audience hall lighting will generally belong to the decoration lighting design, blue, ...

2016/4/8 stagelight

The luminosity data test for lamps has long been a relatively troublesome thing, especially the distribution of light data is more difficult to test, so that some lighting companies to produce light a...

What are the aspects of the anti-corrosion technology?

2016/4/6 stagelight

At present, peoples growing demand for cultural tourism; in order to meet this demand, a large number of theme parks should be built. These large-scale theme parks are generally set up various types o...

Test the brightness of the film and television lighting data reflected

2016/4/5 stagelight

(1 Photometric data photographic test methodPhotometric data The development of the photographic test method is based on the cultural industry standard WH / T 26-2007 stage lighting photometric test a...

The venue of the stage lighting road hanging construction of the four major safety protection measures

2016/3/18 stagelight

1 edge anti drop systemThe construction of the road in the road is usually carried out in high altitude, according to the location of different suspension beams, construction workers often have to cli...

Depth design need to pay attention to what theater music pool

2016/3/11 stagelight

1 the depth of the poolJGJ 57-2000 Theater Design Code in 6.2.4 provides: music pool ground to the height of the table, the opening position should not be greater than 2.20m, the height of the lip sho...

Structure and application of uniaxial cable independent control system

2016/3/10 Amplifier

Compared with the traditional stage mechanical control system, the stage of new sports control system has gradually become the stage of the development of science and technology benchmark. The actors ...

Outdoor performance stage lighting design elements

2016/3/8 Outdoor light

(This picture is from the network)The rapid development of hi-tech, a strong impetus to the entertainment lighting equipment replacement. A new generation of professional lighting performance, qualit...

Visual behavior - Horac

2016/3/4 stagelight

As a professional mobile station company, the German Hocker Welding Technology Company (hereinafter referred to as Huo Ake) tried to make the existing Hawke system framework (Hoac? SystemFrames) to ad...

Stage art dance development process obstacles

2016/3/3 stagelight

(This picture is from the network)Stage art, is generally defined as an important part of theater and other stage performances, including scenery, lighting, makeup, clothing, effects, props and so on...