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Stage art dance development process obstacles


Stage art dance development process obstacles

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Stage art, is generally defined as an important part of theater and other stage performances, including scenery, lighting, makeup, clothing, effects, props and so on. The first through the cloth or paper hand-painted background, and then on the stage for use. As the hand-painted background in the visual effects and stage atmosphere rendering effect is not obvious, so there is a physical model background, better reflect the three-dimensional and sense of space, the stage atmosphere, enhance the stage performance has important help. With the advancement of science and technology and its application in stage art, stage art has entered the multimedia background stage, this background can change the stage environment automatically according to the plot changes, but also can add a series of special effects, so as to better strengthen the stage atmosphere Create, enhance the overall effect of the stage.
Todays stage art is no longer a simple place to reproduce the objective world or for the drama; more is from the lines and colors, objects and shapes of concrete, reflecting the script implied spiritual essence, to achieve the purpose of symbolic performance The With the endless needs of the various types of stage art to achieve means is also rich and varied, with each passing day, at the same time, this is not yet a good system also revealed a variety of disadvantages.
1 design flashy, over-packaging, comparisons serious, resulting in a great waste
In a lot of performances, the huge stage of the capital investment is often staggering, gorgeous noble clothing, cumbersome and complex decoration, novel computer stunts, creating a magnificent stage scene, people in the stage of art technology progress at the same time, But also reflect on the great effect of stage art and the real effect. How much of this is necessary in art creation? How much can it contribute?
Luxury stage is not equal to the boutique, the stage of the big production does not necessarily have a good return, often because of the use of a large number of modern scientific and technological means, despite the magnificent spectacular, the audience is difficult to think about the plot and thoughts of drama, But also dilute the audiences attention to the fate of the characters. So the freedom to destroy and change the law of art, any artistic characteristics will be lost, the stage and the audience between the concept of the contract will be replaced by many non-artistic factors, resulting in communication channels are blocked. Many times, the modern stage art is like a gorgeous coat, packed with the contents of the empty performance, the better is the stage art, followed by the performance, the worst is the script, overwhelming, cart before the horse, "play is not enough, Has become a popular phenomenon of modern stage performances. This excessive packaging is the externalization of the stage bubble, but also the lack of designers to create self-confidence performance, which is both profanity of the art, put it seriously is also the creation of the fall. The real stage art can make the stage more beautiful, perform more exciting, so that the culture, spirit and thought to convey and performance, not just the form of gorgeous rendering.

Stage art dance development process obstacles

2 scientific and technological progress to promote the development of stage art design, but blindly rely on technology, high degree of abuse
Stage art is a material and technical strong artistic creation, scientific and technological means this stage is an important factor in the development of art. The involvement and extensive use of modern technology can greatly enhance the artistic expression of the stage, and its progress to a large extent to promote the stage art into a new stage of development. Scientific and technological factors into the art field, to a large extent changed the conventional viewing habits, so that the stage have an immediate effect. But the development of things always have two sides, there are pros and cons of the existence of both sides. In the current performance, the means of technology has shown a tendency to abuse, regardless of the story and the performance is not needed, all fall into the use of a variety of modern technology can be used, the audiences sight was novel and gorgeous sound effects and background Special effects to attract, but ignored the story of the concern and thinking, stage art designers simply to use and use, is not in line with the plot development and actor performance needs. This not only hindered the presentation of the art itself, but also exposed the stage art designers imagination and lack of innovation awareness weakness. The use of modern technology on the stage, the most important task is to express the story, is the art of creation, rather than the performance of art and presentation. Therefore, the stage art designers to "Xi Mo Rujin" to the use of modern scientific and technological means, with less and fine equipment to create a more exciting stage effect, the stage creation needs tailored, spend less money to do big things, the use of modern technology means even more so, The only way to get rid of "technical dependence", showing their true artistic talent.
3 stage designers lack the sense of innovation, the lack of contemporary aesthetic taste, the audience lost serious
The above mentioned issues also mentioned that for the scientific and technological means, many designers are used for use, does not take into account its real needs and the results achieved. This is a big problem among designers lack of innovation, creative inspiration and contemporary audience aesthetic try to figure out, which led to many designers distort the concept of innovation and breakthrough, into the one-sided pursuit of strange and novel errors and blind spots, so that stage art The shelter, more and more out of the audience, thus losing a large number of audience groups.
4 stage art standards are not standardized, the stage there are security risks
The current stage art circles, and there is no very clear standards and norms, the state has not issued a clear relevant laws and regulations, most practitioners, designers only follow the industry for many years the "hidden rules", which gives the stage art Development caused great distress and hidden dangers. In recent years, the frequent stage of the collapse of the incident was shocking, the importance of stage security issues are imminent. There is no clear, standardized standard restrictions, such security issues will continue endless.

Stage art dance development process obstacles

5 practitioners background diversification, complexity, imbalance, preparation and professional division of labor fuzzy, serious brain drain
With the development of stage art, more and more areas of stage art professionals in the scale, the level of the downward trend, including both the reduction, including the decline in quality, many theater and performance agencies stage art staff can not find Successors, and some young and middle stage artists choose to divert; some areas of the theater and performance agencies do not stage art system, the stage art society is not perfect, but also makes a lot of stage art talent loss, the development of stage art caused great Obstruction.
6 by the impact of market economy, regulatory deficiencies
The times create new art, while art is also influenced by the times and needs to be constantly adapted to the new era. At the same time due to the high input of the stage art, resulting in performance costs are too high, the performance of the ticket price is difficult to subject to price standards, the performers arbitrarily raise prices, it is difficult to achieve the price open and transparent, so that stage performance has become a mysterious art form, only A few people appreciate, and most of the people because of the high price of the stage was shut out. This is a stage show, and even stage art development on the road facing a major obstacle.

Stage art dance development process obstacles

7 immediately dismantling the table, the continuity of the missing, resulting in a huge waste
After a lot of performances, immediately remove the stage facilities and equipment, which for the continuity of the publicity and the extension of the stage art have a negative impact, the performance should not be fully demonstrated, while the resources used is also a great waste. On the one hand, it should be imagined that not only should not be immediately removed, but should be retained for some time, so that the follow-up effect of the performance is fully extended and released, you can also make full use of the existing stage art background to carry out follow-up activities and other activities to achieve resources The use of maximization and performance optimization; on the other hand, increase the development of reusable stage equipment will also be the only way to take a conservation-oriented society.
Excerpt from "Performing Arts" in 2016, No. 2

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