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6 big advantage stage lighting photometric data photographic test method


The luminosity data test for lamps has long been a relatively troublesome thing, especially the distribution of light data is more difficult to test, so that some lighting companies to produce light almost no photometric test, which largely hindered the industry The development and progress. Stage lighting photometric data test method is developed for these issues, so that the luminosity of the lamp data test becomes simple and feasible, is conducive to the promotion and application, and promote industry progress. Photometric data photography has the following unique advantages compared to photometric data manual testing and distributed photometer testing.
1 test speed
Photographic test method to test a light just take 7 photos, you can calculate all the photometric data in the computer, a total of only a few minutes. In the manual test to manually measure more than 100 points, and manual records, and then data processing and curve drawing, testing a lamp before and after a total of several hours, time-consuming and laborious. Distribution luminometer test lamps in the x, y two directions to rotate the test, the stepping angle is usually 1 ° or 0.5 °, roughly a total of hundreds of points tested, time-consuming also need tens of minutes to more than an hour.
2 is not fixed occupied space
Photographic test method only one side of the smooth reflection of the wall and can meet the lighting of a certain distance projection space, in the accident when the lamp, the site can still be used as the original purpose. And the distribution of photometer is required to permanently occupy a larger space for the general lighting factory and research units, the frequency of light test can not be high, so the utilization of space is very low.
3 does not require a dedicated clamping device
Photographic test method as long as the lamp placed to 1.6m ~ 1.7m height (test spot diameter of 3m) can be, so just an ordinary vertical lighthouse can be resolved, even with the table, the box can also be on. However, when distributing the photometer test, a dedicated gripping device must be machined to allow the fixture to be tested on a distributed photometer. Different specifications, different shapes of the lamps are equipped with different dedicated clamping device, pre-preparation work for a long time, need to spend materials and processing costs. As a result of many varieties of lamps, clamping device is also a lot, so also need to take up space storage and storage.
4 on the type of test fixtures good adaptability
Photographic test method on the measured lamp shape, weight, etc. are not required. Some of the large, heavy weight of the lamp can not be clamped on the distribution of photometer test, but the photo test method in terms of no difficulty. Especially in the development of lighting, no lamp shell of the experimental lamps, even in the optical block of the temporary composition of the experimental light path is also available photographic test, which lamps manufacturers to develop new lamps very useful.
5 less cost of inputs
Relative to the purchase of distribution photometer of the cost of several hundred thousand dollars, the photographic test method of capital investment is quite small. Distribution photometer also need to have daily maintenance costs, and photographic testing rules without this requirement, and the software upgrade maintenance is free.
6 portability is good
Photographic test a full set of equipment only a few kilograms, carry very convenient. I bear the "LED stage lighting general technical conditions" standard preparation issues, with photographic test equipment in the lamp factory field test, successfully completed the LED lighting research work. In this regard, the distribution of photometer is far behind.
7 is easy to use and easy to learn
Photographic test method easy to learn, easy to use, the operator as long as a little learning or training can get started. Lighting factory general R & D personnel can use, so that R & D and testing directly related to the R & D personnel can directly and quickly get the luminosity of the lamp data, the new lighting research and development of great benefits. Distribution of photometer need to be specialized technical staff operation and management, limitations of the larger.
"Stage lighting photometric data test method" is approved by the Ministry of Culture project innovation project, by the Ministry of Culture and Technology Division acceptance. Acceptance report that: photographic test method can replace the complex and cumbersome manual test method, with advanced and innovative; on the cultural industry standard "stage lighting test and labeling" to promote the provision of a reliable, convenient and practical test The project has a practical application value and promote the prospects; the project to fill the domestic stage lighting photometric test method blank, to standard stage lighting industry stage lighting detection of the stage, providing a new, convenient and reliable scientific means, Has practical significance. "Stage lighting photometric data test method" in the Chinese Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association hosted the previous performing arts industry quality products in the assessment of a comprehensive application, and in the test practice to improve and improve the test more convenient and quick. The method is also used in some lighting-related research units and enterprises, in the stage of film and television lighting research, new product development and product testing has played a positive role, will promote the stage of the development of film and television industry more rational, scientific and standardized.

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