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Depth design need to pay attention to what theater music pool


1 the depth of the pool
JGJ 57-2000 "Theater Design Code" in 6.2.4 provides: music pool ground to the height of the table, the opening position should not be greater than 2.20m, the height of the lip should not be lower than 1.85m. The depth of the pool is a very important issue. If the music pool is too deep or too shallow, will have a negative impact on the performance of the show.
1.1 music pool too deep
Music pool too deep will appear the following questions:
First, the music pool is too deep, its internal acoustic conditions affect the band playing the sound, and then affect the actors and the audience heard the effect.
Second, the band conductors line of sight is higher than the stage, the music pool is too deep, to achieve this goal by the measures taken will affect the performance. Command in the music pool command, you need at least more than half of the stage side, the eyes must be able to see the performance on stage, in order to direct the band accompaniment to show. Especially when the ballet shows, sometimes need to follow the action of the actors and the beginning of the music, which requires the command must be able to see the stage performance. On the other hand, the live band is also part of the performance, especially as the soul of the bands command, the audience also want to enjoy the command of the action. Chinas band conductor, its height is generally lower than the command of Western countries, if the music pool is too deep, in order to let the command to see the performance of the stage, the command station must be high. And the podium is too high, will destroy the command and the band between the usual exchange relations, thus affecting the bands playing quality.
Third, if the music pool is too deep, lift music platform plank to be higher than the original design elevation, so that the original design of the music layer floor to be high. At present, many new large-scale theater (especially with the foreign design of the theater), the prevalence of music pool too deep problem, some 2.70m ~ 2.80m. The Grand Theater of the National Theater is deep (2.74m), and according to the actual use statistics, most plays need to adjust the depth of the pool between 2.00m and 2.30m. According to the study of some of the theater, the depth of the music pool should not exceed 2.40m (Figure 1).

Depth design need to pay attention to what theater music pool

Figure 1 Schematic diagram of the vertical and horizontal music
1.2 The pool is too shallow
If the music pool is too shallow, then the height of the lips is not enough, especially the Western National Orchestra musicians are generally tall, under the lips of the passage may be affected, straight up, there is a sense of oppression.
1.3 to determine the depth of the pool to consider the problem
In determining the elevation of the high-level structural plate of the music pool, the thickness of the floor decoration surface should be taken into account. When calculating the net height below the lip of the pool, consider the thickness of the roof decoration. If due to individual repertoire needs, music pool ground level appears uneven steps, pay attention to the ground should be set at the height of the threshold to prevent the chair down injury.
1.4 to increase the height of the lower lip design optimization
In order to strive for the bottom of the lips below the net height as high as possible, the lip (the overall thickness of the decoration) should be done thinner. The thickness of the lip is generally determined by the following factors:
(1) the stage surface material practice thickness is generally about 200mm, in the absence of foot light tank, the lip part of the appropriate thinning (100mm), so that the structure plate under the skin can be lifted.
(2) structural plate thickness: In order to reduce the table lip, pick plate can be designed to be thick and thin edge of the variable cross-section.
(3) the height of the footlight: before the theater are generally set foot groove, the height is generally 250mm ~ 300mm, so the thickness of the lip plate thicker. Now the theater in addition to opera and other opera theater, the general may not be equipped with light slot, only on both sides of the mouth set up the required power outlet can be.
(4) Some theaters need to install the fillers on the forefront of the lips, serving the audience in the pond and the pond. The height of the loudspeaker should be controlled within the thickness of the entire lip of 300mm to 350mm.
1.5 The design of the lip on the depth of the music pool
Chinas theater are generally equipped with lip, "theater design code" provides that the width of the lips should not be less than 1.50m. There are a few theaters in order to increase the area of the pool and in order to musicians in the music pool has a comfortable space, no lips, only a very narrow lips or set up lips (in fact, part of the lift orchestra), so there is no The depth of the problem. But the resulting space before the curtain is narrow, pay attention to the physical safety of the staff on the stage, take the appropriate security precautions to prevent the occurrence of falling accidents.
There are a few do not set the lips of the theater, the music pool to the stage below the mouth of some recess (Figure 2), the structure to do special treatment. This approach to the music pool, and set the lip no big difference. When the length of the theater is limited, but also to ensure that the pool has enough area, you can consider the use of such a program. At this time, the height of the floor at the fixed floor of the porch recessed in the direction of the stage is also required not less than 1.85 m.

Depth design need to pay attention to what theater music pool

Figure 2 music pool to the stage direction concave

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