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Lighting sound LED par light there is the price difference

2015/8/19 LED Par Price

Engaged in the production of stage lighting equipment staff know, LED par light is essential in the stage lighting equipment, the current production of LED lamp on the market manufacturers are numerou...

How do I use stage lighting outdoors?

2015/8/5 application stagelight

All along, the stage lighting and the combination of the stage to our vast number of consumers staged a massive visual feast, but if you just think that stage lighting only applies to the stage above,...

LED underwater lights how to achieve fairyland in the water

2015/7/8 LED

Life often have such a phenomenon: some things we may have seen or even contact with, but did not know what name it, what role, such as led underwater lights is such a representative.That being the ca...

2015/7/1 stagelight

Big city, people have a lot of rest in the way of entertainment, which dance to the ballroom, release the pressure is a common phenomenon.Imagine the dance floor inside the dance floor, colored lights...

2015/6/25 stagelight

The stage activities must take into account the purchase of lighting equipment or leasing, which in many types of lighting equipment, LED par light is a commonly used one. However, it is because of it...

2015/6/10 LED Parlight test

LED par light is now used for stage lighting common lamps, and the market demand is also showing an increasing trend. But the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it will inevitably exi...

2015/6/3 stagelight how

Guangdong region since entering the summer, has been showing a large rainfall, many areas have also been the scourge of the rain. In the lighting industry, we think of Guangzhou Sheng Lighting Technol...

The history of the evolution of beam lights

2015/5/21 beam moving head light

Beam light is the most common stage of the domestic stage to create a kind of light speed lights believe that many of the audience are much more, but you know it changes in the application? Let the st...

Talking about the Importance of LED Par Light in Stage Lighting

2015/5/12 LED ParLight

To create a good stage effect, lighting equipment is essential. The LED par light is one of many stage lighting equipment, it is in the stage performance in the application of the opportunity is also ...