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How to test the LED par light

Date:2015/6/10 source:Sicheng Stagelight

LED par light is now used for stage lighting common lamps, and the market demand is also showing an increasing 

trend. But the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, it will inevitably exist some vicious competition,
Fake lighting products are also full of the market. Therefore, as a consumer,

 in the purchase of LED par light will go to do the relevant preparatory work, such as the best time to buy LED par light test.
As the means of simulation is getting higher and higher, 

consumers in the purchase of LED Pa lamps will be negligent when the detection of lamp performance, and the phenomenon of shoddy also in such a situation muddle through.
Sometimes fake lighting products in use, the problem will slowly exposed, such as the original use of lamp beads power is 1W, 0.75W, and the power added to the time of 3W,
It is beyond the scope of use, the initial brightness is high, but then gradually decay, or even a few months on the dark. Another situation is the false power,

 will use a lower power instead of higher power, and as consumers rarely to detect, so easy to contribute to these bad traders.
Therefore, as consumers should pay attention to the purchase of lighting products testing work, perhaps the early is too much trouble, but can have quality assurance.
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