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Product main parametersFog screen model: SUSCES-1601Fog screen size: 1-3.9 meters without splicing, can be spliced ??lengthSpray direction: spray downScreen area: 1m*3m~3.5Power: 220v (ac) 2kw-7KWWate...

Fog  Machine Equipment Manufacture Factory?

2017/10/17 Fog Machine

Professional production of fog screen, 3D fog screen is 3D holographic projection, air imaging, fog screen air imaging, the actual situation combined to achieve a cool sign in the channel, 3D fog scre...

Stage lighting operation what skills?

2017/10/15 stagelight

In the control of light, can not have any arbitrary, because the light control has its own operating norms and skills, otherwise, will lead to bulbs, lamps, light console damage, and even cause a fire...

What Kind Of LED ParLight Product?

2017/10/11 LED ParLight

LED par lamps and more than the traditional par lamp than, with a richer color effect, rich color mixing effect, three-color lamp beads color mixing effect up to 16.7 million kinds, LED par light clas...

How to choose outdoor lighting?


Stage (referring to the framework stage, and later the same) because the performance of the repertoire of the show is not the same as the demand for light. Therefore, at this stage must understand the...

2017/10/7 stage lighting

Since the stage has been produced, stage lighting has become part of the stage. Stage lighting, expensive in highlighting the four elements of vision, realism, aesthetics and performance. Has experien...

How can check LED ParLight  Broke

2017/10/6 LED ParLight

LED par light maintenance method is particularly simple, with the exclusion method:1, if the lamp beads light, but the fan abnormal sound or silent, the fan is broken, you can replace;2, light beads l...

Light beam and moving head light main application?

2017/10/5 Beam light

Shaking his head light is usually used in the stage, square, lighting on the shaking his head beam light to promote and develop a great role, professional shaking his head computer lights is set of el...

2017/2/13 Stagelight

Set the lighting stage to first understand the stage light equipment commonly used light, which is the correct choice of an important part of the configuration.1, surface light: from the top of the au...

2017/2/13 stagelight application

Stage lighting manufacturers tell you the dance floor used in the effect of different stage lighting equipmentA. Fixture: Use a multi-lens scanning scanner (GENIUS / Italy. LP 78), which is characteri...