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Stage lights are used on the dance floor

Date:2015/7/1 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Big city, people have a lot of rest in the way of entertainment, which dance to the ballroom, release the pressure is a common phenomenon.
Imagine the dance floor inside the dance floor, colored lights, glamorous dancing, dynamic rock music ... ... everything seems to be in my mind.
Then you know the dance floor in the lighting design should be considered what? Let the stage lighting equipment factory to introduce you about it!

First of all from the dance floor to give people the feeling of light, the light to make people feel the collision of light and color, feel the charm of the dance floor.
If the lighting design, to grasp, for example, in the orientation of the layout of the patchwork, the direction of transmission is all-round,
Coupled with the control system can produce a clear and strong sense of rhythm, then it will give guests a better sense of experience. sometimes
, Mechanized lighting can be combined with some dynamic elements in the configuration, such as speed combination, light color is also brilliant that is Perfect.
Therefore, the dance floor of the original light of the occasion, 

should be considered a good lighting design on the rational layout. For more information on stage lighting equipment, 

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