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LED underwater lights how to achieve fairyland in the water

Date:2015/7/8 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Life often have such a phenomenon: some things we may have seen or even contact with, but did not know what name it, what role, such as led underwater lights is such a representative.
That being the case, let the following led waterproof light manufacturers to take you to understand what is underwater lights under it!
led underwater lights (also known as led underwater lights), as the name implies, it is used under the water, the appearance of fine and beautiful.
In the shape and buried lights almost, the difference is that it is more than buried lights installed a site, the site is fixed with screws. In actual use

, led waterproof light under the bottom of the water due to the need to withstand the pressure from the water,

 so in the timber led underwater lights are tempered glass, specifications for the 8-10mm, silicone rubber seal
LED underwater lights how to achieve fairyland in the water 红、绿、蓝光通过不同的组合,发出不同的色彩光芒,让水景变得十分的漂亮、迷人。Ring, high-quality waterproof connector, so waterproof, leak-proof, corrosion-resistant. And led underwater lights are generally used in the fountain-based water landscape, as shown: red, green, blue light through different combinations, issued a different color light, so that the water becomes very beautiful, charming

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