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How to choose outdoor lighting?

Date:2017/10/9 source:sichengstagelight
Stage (referring to the framework stage, and later the same) because the performance of the repertoire of the show is not the same as the demand for light. Therefore, at this stage must understand the use of lamps to show what kind of track, so that the device will have a more clear policy and purpose. If the stage is in the performance of traditional opera, based on ballet, then the lighting equipment must meet the needs of the opera, ballet equipment. In addition to the basic needs of the equipment, special program lights, such as large songs and dances, miscellaneous, should be based on detailed program needs, plus special lighting and lighting, so it is difficult to understand in this comparison. So here I only talk about the stage of the basic lighting equipment, according to such equipment, can be satisfied with the general opera, such as opera, ballet, ballet, theater, opera and other operas. There are a variety of stages on the stage, usually the frame of the stage, a stage, a stage, also known as the stage of the black box, because the stage is different, so the demand for lighting equipment is not the same. The usual frame stage, both past and present, and the new theater are relatively large contrast, this stage of the lighting equipment is necessary and necessary.
In the equipment before the lights, we must first know the type of lighting and their main functions and uses. This article briefly describes the lighting in the lighting equipment chooseion of some of the functions.
1. The use of the spotlight used in the spotlight before the use of a flattened bulb, which lights can adjust the spot size, beam beam compared to the surrounding diffuse light contrast is small, power 0.5 w - 5 kw, focal length long, Short point, the visual need to choose the distance.
2. Rib lights - or soft lights, but in the television industry, said the lights are the focus of the spotlight. In order to distinguish the above-mentioned flat convex focus scattered and so soft, so the use of large diffusion area, sometimes in order to control its diffuse light in front of the mirror of the title page block, which is characterized by large area, unlike the music lights have a significant discovery of the feeling, Kilowatts, 2 kilowatts and so on.
3. Backlight - This lamp, which is not in front of the lens, is filled with light from a larger mirror, and with a 2KW bulb, the brightness is stronger than light, so it can reflect strong light and brightness when used. Its role than other lights, a bunch of strong features, but dark should pay attention to the focus, it is not appropriate to pay attention to color paper or curtains, so easily lead to incineration, usually in the middle of the dark is black heart, in order to prevent black heart The front of the lamp with a ring baffle, into the Shoulong is not easy. Now, a new coating is returned to the line on the line of the reflection bowl to reduce the light before the temperature, use the excellent character, the name of the cold light spot, the lighting practice and the backlight.

4. Imaging lights - or the formation of lights, oval-shaped spotlights. The beam angle can be chooseed according to the needs of different applications, the main function is like the slides spot can be cut into square, diamonds, triangles and other shapes, or put a variety of drawings need to mark, power 1 kilowatt, 2 kilowatts can choose equipment.

How to choose outdoor lighting?How to choose outdoor lighting?How to choose outdoor lighting?How to choose outdoor lighting?How to choose outdoor lighting?

5. Simple light - also known as the PAR lamp, or beam lamp, its structure with a mirror mounted on the cylinder with tungsten, tungsten bulb Reflector bowl is also useful The main feature is the shooting of fixed beams, beam width and width of different spot sizes Can not be adjusted.
6. Daylight - high power astigmatism, used to illuminate the overhead sky, the demand for light and balance, luminous area.
Work. Ground lights - astigmatism of high power, used to place the stage, the lower part of the sky lit, the daytime light and light connected, up and down evenly.
8. Scattered light bar long strip, dividend multi-grid, usually can be divided into three or four colors, each grid with incandescent bulb power of about 200 w, the various colors of the phase of the same demand for a large area of shade curtains or The use of the screen can also be used as a large area of the use of light balance, a variety of colors of light can also be used together, different colors of light.
9. Usually astigmatism lamps - such as iodine tungsten lamps, usually floodlights, are mainly used to illuminate an area, or some use of the landscape. The lamps described above are the basic devices used on the general stage, but they should be equipped