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TV lighting and dance lighting design features

2016/5/7 TV Light

1 illumination requirementsThe visual range of the human eye is relatively large, that is, the brightness range can be felt relatively large, whether it is sunny or moonlight dim, the human eye can be...

TV studio lighting system technology upgrade

2016/4/22 TV Light Audio

Yangzhou radio and television station (referred to as Yangzhou Taiwan) 160 ㎡ studio lighting system was founded in 1998, is mainly used for Yangzhou Taiwan City Channel Todays life column of various t...

TV variety show lighting design LED large screen of the choreography effect

2015/11/26 Dancing Design

LED large screen impact In recent years, with the stage of scientific and technological progress and the means of increasingly rich means, in many large variety show, the traditional design of the dan...

Monitor the four main points of the stage to monitor the TV show

2015/11/25 stagelight

Stage supervision is the director of the drama performance management, is the performance of the scene of the total scheduling, commander. In the course of the show, there is no time and space to stu...

TV lighting and television art development ladder

2015/11/12 TV Light

As Jiaxing TV (hereinafter referred to as Jiaxing Taiwan) lighting division and stage art design, over the years, I participated in the Jiaxing station news programs and variety show class TV art desi...