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TV studio lighting system technology upgrade


Yangzhou radio and television station (referred to as Yangzhou Taiwan) 160 ㎡ studio lighting system was founded in 1998, is mainly used for Yangzhou Taiwan City Channel "Todays life" column of various types, the form of the host broadcast production. "Todays life" is a well-known lifestyle TV program in Yangzhou, Yangzhou Taiwan is also a well-built brand of more than 10 years. The lighting system is composed of electric horizontal boom, 2 kW control thread lens spotlight, 4 × 55W, 6 × 55W three primary color cold light, constant force hinge rod, ETC 96 silicon box, light console and other early traditional lighting equipment. After the years of operation and use, the wear of the lighting system equipment and the attenuation of the luminous efficiency of the lamps can not meet the technical requirements of the production of the television program. The main problems are: (1) the traditional energy consumption of the lamps and lanterns is low; Lighting system operating stability is poor, does not meet the requirements of lighting technology; (3) equipment old, oxidative wear heavy. Therefore, the need for lighting system lighting and equipment for technical transformation.
1 system technical transformation of the overall requirements
Studio lighting system technical transformation related to the dimming system, hanging system, power distribution system, lighting configuration. As the studio production of "Todays life" is the day broadcast program, the studios choreography, environment, background and decoration is to simulate the architectural style of Yangzhou landscape, in the construction and installation process, can not damage the dance environment background and scenery decoration. Therefore, in the process of technological transformation, we need to save the cost and cycle of dismantling choreography and redesigning the production of choreography (the total choreography design cost of about 160,000 yuan, the design of the production cycle to take more than 10 working days), as soon as possible Studio to restore the production requirements of the column, to be compressed technical transformation of the construction and installation time (construction and renovation time for the installation of 4 working days), to save the system of technological transformation of investment (technological transformation of the overall funding of 320,000 yuan), the coexistence of various factors , To the technical transformation work has increased a certain degree of difficulty, and technical renovation project is more complex, difficult to install the construction, in a relatively short period of time to complete the system transformation of the installation and installation of light debugging, and to ensure stable performance and safe and effective use, To the lighting technical staff has brought a lot of pressure and challenges. Based on the above factors, in the overall design of the lighting system technical transformation, the need for a wide range of comprehensive, feasibility of the technical demonstration and effect considerations: (1) system transformation design scientific rationality; (2) technological transformation Measures and system equipment compatibility; (3) lamp ratio and light efficiency of the practicality.
The Scientific Rationality of System Transformation Design
The technical transformation of the lighting system is different from the design and installation of the new studio lighting system equipment. The difference between the two is: the new studio lighting system design and equipment installation, focusing on the integrity of the system equipment configuration, installation process reliability and operation of the technical adjustment, the new lighting system equipment more comprehensive, more unified technical configuration , The capital investment is also large; and the old lighting system technology transformation, can not blindly replace the lighting system and equipment, to consider the lighting system equipment running status, technological transformation of the project, the degree and specific transformation measures, the purpose to clear , Design to scientific and reasonable.
3 technical transformation measures and system equipment compatibility
The technical transformation of the traditional studio lighting system, the focus should be to consider the lighting system equipment transformation and new systems, new technology requirements are consistent, so that technological transformation of the system equipment and new equipment technology compatible with each other to achieve scientific, advanced, effective and practical the goal of.
3.1 transformation of power supply and distribution system
The original power supply and distribution system for the power supply and distribution system is provided by the 96-channel dimming stand for the phase line to the power sub-control cabinet, sharing the zero line and concentrating the distribution of the dimmer loop to the lamp box, and then from the terminal box to the studio On the horizontal boom, and then by the dimming number assigned to the lamp number. For the distribution of links and technical requirements are more complex, and the replacement of LED light source for the power supply and demand is the use of direct control power supply.
3.2 DMX512 signal control system transformation
The original 96-way dimming stand A, B dual DMX512 signal control line directly transferred to the 512 signal amplifier control box input port, and then from the output port were released A, B dual DMX512 signal line to the studio level of hanging On the pole. This is a great challenge for the laying of the DMX512 signal line due to the fact that the upper end of the cable boom of the horizontal boom is about 6 m above the ground, plus the amplitude of the dance floor of the studio. The method is to place the DMX512 signal line along the groove along the groove to the upper part of the electric horizontal boom above the gate of the electric power level, and to ensure the safety, the users ladder is climbed to the corresponding height to use the construction personnel Electric horizontal boom to lift the DMX512 signal line laying, so that the new DMX512 signal line installation and the original system layout consistent.
3.3 constant force hinge rod transformation
Under normal circumstances, the replacement of new light source lamps will be replaced by the original constant force hinge rod, because:
(1) after years of use, constant force hinge rod steel spring lift is not enough. (2) LED new light source lamp weight and the traditional rod control spotlight weight is not the same. (3) The DMX512 signal line and the XLR connector on the old constant force hinge rod are heavier. (4) the traditional equipment power connector models are inconsistent, there are horizontal boom on the three-core 32 A, three-core 16 A output jack and constant force hinge rod input interface is inconsistent, and the old type of connector is not produced, nor meet Use the technical requirements. If you replace the 44 sets of constant force hinge rod to spend more than 100,000 yuan, in order to save money, decided not to affect the functional and technical requirements at the same time, the old equipment for technological transformation and reuse. Method: First, the constant force hinge rod input and output connectors unified into a new three-core 40 A standard LED light supply to the new light source, and then the horizontal boom on the old three-core 32 A, 16 A output port into Three-core 32 A, 16 A input and a new three-core 40 A output cable, and the DMX512 signal control line installed in the constant force hinge rod, so that the power supply, signal control to form a consistent. And then according to the weight of LED light source lamps, constant pressure hinge rods to adjust the steel spring one by one. Through the technological transformation, so that the lighting system for power distribution system, control system, hanging system and the original infrastructure system technology compatible with each other, the use of more convenient and efficient, so that the lighting system to run the formation of the overall unity of technology. 4 lamp ratio and light effect of the reality of the studio lighting using the Guangzhou Fangda Stage Equipment Co., Ltd. produced 12 5600K 230W LED spotlight, 32 5600K 100W LED plate lights and Guangzhou Yajiang Optoelectronic Equipment Co., Ltd. produced 10 87 WRGB Blend Strip Light. In terms of lighting, the focus is based on the column of the host area and the layout of the environment, the cloth is full of useful, practical, effective three principles. Enough to use, that is, the number can be used enough, do not carry the stars hanging light cloth light; practical, will have to be based on the studio section of the choreography environment, background scenery, and the host area layout and presided over the form of targeted, Accurate lifting of the required lighting, to avoid the impact of excess lamp light bulb; effective, will have to be based on the overall layout of the studio layout and effect requirements, make full use of the luminous characteristics of light for character modeling cloth and environmental rendering contrast, so For the luminous color and light requirements of the lamp is extremely high. The specific lighting efficiency configuration is: (1) the 12 230W 5600K color temperature LED spotlight according to the column area of the host position for fixed-point backlight layout and the outline of the outline of the scene, the high color of the lamp and soft light, excellent Dimming linear, control the fixed area and the transition area of the brightness
TV studio lighting system technology upgradeTV studio lighting system technology upgrade (2) 32 100W 5600K color temperature flat light, according to different hosting area and the presenters host style for accurate regional light distribution, in the regional light distribution to fully consider the overall layout of the multi-regional, the use of cross-beam method (That is, a multi-purpose lights), according to the conventional method of regional lighting, in a limited space for a single area of light will interfere with each other affected light.TV studio lighting system technology upgradeTV studio lighting system technology upgrade(3) 10 87W RGB color mixing bar lights for the environment, the background rendering and contrast. RGB lights are characterized by small size, color changes and more, easy to hang installation, can be in the small dance environment environment for the environment, background, object sketches and rendering. (4) in the backlight, character modeling light, ambient light background light, the focus is based on the host area of space, layout and host the image, style and line of sight direction, to determine the lamp position angle, height, illumination and the overall Of the light ratio, and strictly control the light range of each lamp, as much as possible to cover up the excess scattered light, in particular, to control the shape of light and environmental background light light ratio, to avoid the characters modeling light scattering to the environment Background, otherwise it will affect the overall character image and picture level.