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Si Cheng lighting Sichuan Arc de Triomphe nightclub bar lighting sound success stories

2017/8/28 CludNight Bar Light

Nightclub is a place for leisure and entertainment, the activities are rich, but generally related to dance and dance floor, which of course, shocking shining stage lighting sound works as a strong ba...

Heilongjiang tricks international hotel fog screen fog curtain 3D holographic effect display

2017/8/27 Fog Machine

Guangzhou Si Cheng Lighting Audio Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional production of fog screen, mist machine, fog machine direct manufacturers, the following describes the overall understanding of ...

Si Cheng lighting help 2016 Shenzhen Innovation and Innovation Competition activities show lighting

2017/8/27 show Light

Si Cheng lighting help 2016 Shenzhen innovation and wealth contest activities, advanced and reasonable lighting system configuration, equipped with the highest level of modern technology lamps and equ...

Sicheng stage lighting to help Zhejiang love Wei Di culture large-scale lighting show

2017/8/27 stagelight

August 28, 2015, Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting to help Zhejiang love Wei Di cultural performance lighting show, the success of the results of the show, eye-catching lights show the program host quality ...

Think of the lights to Xian large iron police lights annual meeting

2017/8/27 stagelight

Guangzhou Si-cheng lighting audio Technology Co., Ltd. to help build a bright rain police sound year will be a complete success! The use of the theater stage lighting system is required to meet the ne...

Sicheng stage lighting Sichuan banquet hall main 230W shaking his head beam light sound engineering project

2017/8/27 stagelight

In the banquet hall, music, song and dance to become the main body of entertainment, lighting in a subordinate position.Light through the light intensity changes, color changes, beam shape changes and...

Si Cheng lighting help China lighting audio stage rental market development

2017/8/28 China Light Audio

The rapid development of modern performing arts today, professional lighting and audio equipment and stage equipment industry application is very focused on product experience, large and small lightin...

Si Cheng lighting foreign stage lighting performance debut

2017/8/28 stagelight

Guangzhou Si Cheng lighting foreign stage lighting performance debut! Made a success! The development of a broader international market! Compared with the professional audio, the stage lighting techno...

Fog screen water mist machine 3D holographic fog curtain specially by the thinking into the lighting sound sponsor

2017/8/27 Fog Machine

Guangzhou Si Cheng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. fog screen project case, continue to emerge, especially special exhibition Shenzhen Futian era 3D holographic door fog screen, the following Division I...

Lighting on the international marine culture stage lighting sound engineering

2017/8/28 stagelight Audio

The rapid development of stage lighting technology, lighting equipment, technical level and maturity is getting higher and higher, and its involved in the field and more extensive. After the 2008 Olym...