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Si Cheng lighting help China lighting audio stage rental market development

Date:2017/8/28 source:Sicheng Stagelight

The rapid development of modern performing arts today, professional lighting and audio equipment and stage equipment industry application is very focused on product experience, large and small lighting and stage equipment, will require manufacturers to provide products in line with the actual application level at the same time provide system consulting , Planning, design and maintenance services. Lighting sound, so that life shines endless light, stage equipment rental to the stage more colorful!

Si Cheng lighting help China lighting audio stage rental market developmentEnterprises of the corporate culture of the degree of recognition continues to increase, held various types of companies within the annual meeting more and more, lighting audio rental this piece of the market demand is more expanded, a direct result of the rental industry in short supply. Here we have to say, in the use of light when the sound must pay attention to what matters?
Need to focus on the first point: to pay special attention to the sound of the big signal sudden blow. The moment of manipulation of the sound caused by large signal sudden blow to the reasons there are several points: the customer at the time of the last use of the potentiometer switch is not the lowest cycle, the title of the problem I can prevent that is the same as usual equipment Nursed back to health, timely detection of title issues. In the singing of the music at the moment there is a sudden situation in the case of the subject of the need to adjust the sound of the tuners in advance to adjust the sound, the individual patrons will not tamper with the incorrect manipulation of sound, such as sound in the deformity The task of the moment suddenly plug the signal line, power lines, etc. These will cause a large signal sudden blow.
Need to focus on the second point: the sound of the listening environment must be appropriate, this factor I mainly refers to the sound in the environment where the temperature and humidity. The temperature is too low will affect the stability of these components, the temperature is too low to make the sound of the floating edge of the rupture, the temperature is too high will make the voice coil overheating, causing sound degradation. Disposition of these two aspects of identity I can mediate karaoke private rooms in the air conditioning, or other equipment.

Si Cheng lighting help China lighting audio stage rental market developmentNeed to pay attention to the third point: to pay attention to a reasonable manipulation of sound, to prevent accidental collision, karaoke OK mission staff in the main care to check when the wiring is correct, the potentiometer position is too large, according to the order switch machine.
Karaoke karaoke in the karaoke is a semi-permanent product, but many of the boss is also very face up to it to do so on the one hand can delay the life of the equipment on the other hand to add their own overhead.
Entertainment life is an indispensable life of our activities, in a lot of performances, play a decoration or the main factor is the lighting sound facilities. Stage equipment rental with a higher service, a higher level, all-round will be three-dimensional modern perfect image, show in front of everyone. Because we can create a wonderful stage for the wonderful effect, so to meet everyones visual appreciation of the demand.