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Two best ways to change the reverberation time of the hall

Date:2015/10/9 source:Sicheng Stagelight
场。The best reverberation time of the hall is usually for IF 500 Hz and 1 000 Hz. It is based on the subjective sound quality evaluation of a large number of halls, combined with the results of acoustics, statistical analysis to determine the empirical value, therefore, at home and abroad in the literature recommended the best value will be a certain access, often given a range The It should be noted that the reverberation time is an important indicator of hall sound quality evaluation, but not the only indicator. Other acoustical properties include: clarity, sense of space, intimacy and warmth. In order to ensure that all kinds of programs with the best visual and auditory effects, at home and abroad to build a number of "professional" theater, such as theater, opera and concert hall. These "professional" theaters need special architectural acoustics designed to achieve good sound quality effects, such as the reverberation time in the room can be 1.2s, 1.6s and 2.0s and so on. In addition to a single function of the professional theater, there are many to meet the music, dance, theater and even the use of multi-function playTwo best ways to change the reverberation time of the hallChinas vast majority of "multi-purpose theater" is only the use of multi-function hall, rather than the real sense of the multi-purpose theater. The so-called real sense of the multi-functional theater refers to the audience hall reverberation time must be variable, only the acoustic environment and the use of the purpose to adapt to ensure good sound quality. There are basically two ways to achieve the reverberation time of the theater: "Build the way" and "Electroacoustic way". It is a traditional technical measure, it is by changing the volume of the room or change the walls, ceilings and other parts of the sound-absorbing material and structure, that is, change the total indoor air volume to achieve the adjustment of reverberation The purpose of time The advantage of this approach is the "full sound" effect; the disadvantage is the high cost, adjustable reverberation time range is small (the general audience hall to change 0.5 s need to pay a lot of effort), but also the use of Two best ways to change the reverberation time of the hall2 electroacoustic way electroacoustic mode is the use of electro-acoustic system equipment, through the electro-acoustic field control technology to control the indoor reverberation of the safety and convenience of the problem. Time and other acoustic characteristics. The advantage of this approach is the lower cost, reverberation time adjustable range (can be 2 to 3 times), can be pre-set, easy to use. It not only to achieve the reverberation time is variable, but also on the indoor sound field "correction or optimization", such as increasing the recent reflex, sound diffusion, adjust the direct soundThe best proportion of the sound and reverberation energy, and the reverberation time frequency characteristics,。Two best ways to change the reverberation time of the hall It should be noted that some people agree with this way "song and dance hall of the reverb effect", which is wrong. The electro-acoustic reverberation system is designed to optimize the indoor acoustic environment. The sound field has the characteristics of complete natural time and spatial characteristics. It is the real three-dimensional acoustic space, which can be said to be created by modern electro-acoustic technology. A faithful natural "artificial" acoustic environment.
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