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Stage lighting in the application of the wedding

Date:2015/12/23 source:Sicheng Stagelight

The main role of light is lighting, but as long as the application properly, it can also create a lot of colorful scenes, and all walks of life have a close contact in the wedding scene, how to use light to create a romantic atmosphere Need to have some expertise in lighting.
Guangzhou stage lighting manufacturers that no matter how much the wedding, in order to ensure that the wedding ceremony of the scene and video records, face light can be described as the most important thing is that new people must not ignore an important part.
And chasing light as a small and medium-sized wedding face light, its importance is particularly prominent, is the wedding of the most important light source, the wedding chase light on the best two more to prevent yin and yang face. "In addition to chasing light, many wedding stage will be added to the downlight as the stage of the main light source," the new light, it is not good. " , To ensure that the scene and the effect of video recording. Kerry Tsai said that many new people think that a large number of downlights composed of light will be very dazzling, but in fact, new people really have to bear some degree of glare to have a good stage effect.
In addition to chasing light and downlights, LED effect lights are often used for wedding, LED effect lights on the stage background and the horizon and other scenes for a wide range of color rendering, wedding arrangements are often used. But for photographers and cameramen, they are for the effect of LED lights can be described as love and hate. Love is the effect of light to bring the scene of the rendering, so that the overall color of the wedding scene rich three-dimensional. Hate the effect of LED lights once exposed to the human face, the color cast can not be adjusted. There are many cases on the network because of improper use of dyed light, resulting in new or relatives and friends in the video or photo showing a strange look, and photographic camera is still innocent back shooting technology "rotten" charges.
In order to achieve the desired results, Guangzhou Si Cheng Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. recommended the use of LED lights at the wedding effect, we must pay attention to the use of the light area, the use of these lamps used mainly for the top of the hotel or wall, New people have contact, more can not direct. If in a relatively narrow space, the effect of dyeing lights will be diffuse to the human face, this time must be added to the new face with the light, washed away the effect of dyeing.
In order to achieve the above effect, the light budget should account for 30% of the wedding budget, but even so, many newlyweds will not be stingy in this area of investment, after all, this is the most important moment in life, and finally, Sound Technology Co., Ltd. wish all the lovers in the world can be married.

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