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How the stage lights show their unique effects on television


TV lighting design is the combination of art and technology, television lighting workers in a variety of conditions, the use of light for artistic creation, and on the TV screen to restore or re-create a real, ideal time and space picture. And clear the overall work of thinking, is the premise of television lighting design work.

How the stage lights show their unique effects on television

Familiar with the creation of space, a reasonable set of lamps
TV program organization and implementation, is carried out in a three-dimensional space, lighting design should be in the field 360 ° area to start, lighting designers on the scene should be a full range of operational grasp. Lighting design to create a director for the creation of the organization, the ideal light and shadow space and space, so that actors play their artistic talent, so that the cameraman to capture all kinds of King. In other words, it is necessary to let the camera instead of the audiences eyes in the performance site in all directions "observation" accurate and realistic time and space environment, which requires lighting design should first be familiar with, know the program implementation site and various programs related to the lift, And translation and other facilities to determine the lighting layout, light tone tone and performance rhythm.
Take the Shenzhen TV station as an example. The studio is 30m long, 20m wide, 20m high; from the mouth to the horizon depth of 16.7m, the program performance area depth 10m, width 14.6m; audience area 14.7m wide, depth 9.5m, a total of 10 rows of 250, the highest 3.1 m, the first row and the stage spacing of 3.7m. The studio has a total of five cameras: Taiwan side of the left and right sides set up a set, the right side of a set of rocker arm, the auditorium rear row of a set, another set of swimming machine. The studio has a variety of lamps and lanterns of various purposes, the general film and television lamps are: spotlight, back light, imaging lights, sky lights, soft light reflection lights, the effect of PAR lights and follow the light, etc .; computer series: Such as smoke machine, snow machine, etc., and with a combination of lighthouse.
1. Application of spotlight
2kW film and spotlight: color temperature 3200K, effective projection distance of 5m ~ 7m. Through the control system, lamps can be used for horizontal, pitch, cover the teeth, focusing and other actions. Used as a character light spotlight, commonly used soft film (or in the defocus state), so that the light is soft, uniform, in the multi-level cloth, it is easy to superimposed, convergence; for backlight light spot, in order to meet some emotional atmosphere The need to add a filter to form an environmental tone.
2kW back light: color temperature 3200 K, effective projection distance of 8 m ~ 12 m. Usually for the effect of backlight. With soft film (paper) can be used as actor face light. After assembling the color changer, the clusters tough backlit effect and ambient tones are bright and clear.
3kW efficient tracking light: color temperature 5500K, effective projection distance of 15m ~ 35m. In the front of the stage in the chase light, with Rayden 85 color temperature paper, the light color temperature dropped to 3200 K, so that consistent with the spotlight color temperature; set in the rear of the stage chasing light, keep its color temperature 5 500 K, they Respectively, for the actors to track the light and tracking backlight, the formation of special light effects. Follow the light of the light beam can guide the audiences attention, but also to the stage to add the charm of the flow.
2. Application of floodlight
2kW sky light: color temperature 3200 K, effective projection distance of 3m ~ 5m. According to the different requirements of different programs, configure a different color filter to meet the needs of the background color of the program.
1.25kW × 2 soft reflex lamp: color temperature 3200K, effective projection distance of 5m ~ 7 m. Such lamps in the requirements of the audience area, cloth uniform, and stressed a certain degree of illumination in a special environment, played a very important role. Its light soft, delicate, no obvious projection, just with the spotlight to form a complementary relationship between the shape, both to meet the object surface color reduction of the illumination requirements, but also to the group image shape is more level.
3. Effect of the application of lighting
PAR64 lamps: color temperature 3200 K, effective projection distance of 5m ~ 7m. Its lamps play a "main force effect" role. The lamps are all equipped with CP60 narrow beam bubble, part of the assembly of the color changer. The light and the scene with the artificial smoke, can form a clear space beam, the composition of the screen in a special space effect. At the same time, but also the formation of "space beam shape" -based dynamic atmosphere and mood, and stage art atmosphere coordinated into time, space complementarity.
Scooter: computer lights with high color temperature, strong beam, multi-directional projection, scanning, easy to control and have a change in color and pattern and so on. Patterns and colors can be used independently, but also any superposition, its high brightness, multi-beam effect, often used for space modeling, enhance the sense of space, three-dimensional sense of perspective; its pattern changes, flow, enrich the programs shape Content; powerful strobe function, and can be scattered, aggregated, the overall flow of the cluster effect for television programs to create a gorgeous light color mood, but also to the audience to produce a stage in the constant jump, torrent of illusion, by infection, And thus can not help but participate in, into the program.
In the recording of the audience to participate in television programs, but also pay special attention to the audience is both the program watcher, but also the program "temporary actor." They are both emotional and emotional people. On-site audience location and layout, must be incorporated into the overall concept of television lighting design.

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