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Stage lighting outdoor lighting design elements


The rapid development of hi-tech, a strong impetus to the entertainment lighting equipment replacement. A new generation of professional lighting performance, quality, intelligence level compared with the traditional conventional lamps, with a qualitative leap. With excellent performance of modern lighting equipment for the success of large outdoor performances laid a solid hardware foundation.

Stage lighting outdoor lighting design elements 

Outdoor performances and theater performances compared to a lot of their own characteristics. First, the outdoor venues area is large, far greater than the general frame of the stage, therefore, the light bit and the performance area between the projection distance. Second, the outdoor performance site without the frame-style stage of the inherent lighting system and lighting boom hoisting system, mostly temporary structures, whether it is the total power settings, or wire, lamp calculation, or control system chooseion And so on, almost all from scratch. As the outdoor performance of the use of more varieties of lamps, the number of large, light control room, power supply room and the layout between the lights and so must consider the issue of rationality.Stage lighting outdoor lighting design elements Third, the particularity of the outdoor performance venues and the special requirements of the nature and content of the program, in particular the requirements of the overall artistic conception of the director, require a special lighting design to meet, and sometimes even increase the special lamp to complete the performance task. Fourth, the outdoor performance in the stage design can not be the same as the theater conversion scene, therefore, the main need to set off the lights to dance, contrast atmosphere. Fifth, the outdoor auditorium is generally three viewers, the layout of the lights can not ignore the visual needs of the left and right sides of the audience. If you have a TV broadcast or video, you also need to know the relevant requirements in advance, in the design of lighting to be considered.

Stage lighting outdoor lighting design elements 

In view of the above reasons, the outdoor lighting design should take into account all aspects of the situation, even in most cases, but also take into account the surrounding natural landscape lighting and convergence and other issues. In a sense, large outdoor lighting design needs to be more macro to grasp the overall performance of the space environment, meticulous service for the show.

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