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The main effect of digital video system on choreography

Date:2015/10/8 source:China, Show
Stage lighting design is an important part of the stage performance art. In recent years, with the development of digital projection technology and the expansion of its field of art, stage lighting design in the form and content richer. Performance in the application of digital projection technology, the digital video processing, digital video projection and computer lights and other modules combined with digital lights, through the control device on the digital light within a variety of image material chooseion, stacking, cutting and other special effects processing, and then projection To any flat or three-dimensional receiver, can show a variety of video images. It to enhance the artistic effect of the show, to better express the theme of the show.The main effect of digital video system on choreography The biggest feature of the digital light is a multimedia server, you can easily operate through the light console thousands of effects options, so that the director, lighting design, choreography and other creative ideas and ideas in the digital device easy to achieve, greatly enriched the creation The means of expression and expression, choreography effect will be more vivid, image. Many creators believe that digital lights and traditional lighting, choreography effect closely with the completion of the performance of visual effects and theatrical theme of the deepening of the future stage lighting art is the only way. A position placed in the traditional stage, the projector and LED large screen general position fixed, can not easily move (part of the stage LED large screen design to take push and pull the way), this is to ensure that the image integrity and large area stitching effect, if the move Will cause the image to be deformed or incomplete. The use of high-brightness digital light, because it has a rotating orbit lens, you can make the projection of the projector image in the horizontal 250 °, vertical 360 ° range, and the use of the servers trapezoidal correction function to correct the deformation of the Image, so the location of digital lights and hanging the way are quite flexible. According to the size of the stage, the props of the props and the changes in the form of performances, the way of placing can be used to vote, rear projection, oblique, etc., hanging on the way can be used to hang hanging, scattered hanging, ground, The Chooseion of two projector lens sizes The chooseion of the projector lens is determined by the position of the projector and the size of the projection medium (projection screen). The focal length of the lens determines the distance between the projector and the projection medium when the predetermined size is filled, the shorter the focal length, the closer the projector is to the projection medium, and vice versa. If you want to throw a large screen in the short distance you need to choose the short focus lens, otherwise you need to choose telephoto lens. Under normal circumstances, the use of digital light standard lens specifications are 2.8 ~ 4.5: 1; telephoto lens for the 4.5 ~ 7.3: 1 and 7.3 ~ 11: 1; short focus lens 1.8 ~ 2.6: 1 and so on. Different manufacturers have different lens specifications, but the same usage, mainly based on the stage of the projection media area and illumination requirements to choose. Control and transmission of three video signals The digital light system consists of a plurality of modules, such as a control section, a control signal transmission section, a video signal storage processing section, a terminal display device (digital lamp, projector, track lens, camera, etc.) 1).The main effect of digital video system on choreographyFigure 1 digital light system basic composition diagram
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