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How to maintain the stage lighting

Date:2016/1/6 source:Sicheng Stagelight

In order to meet this busy season, the daily maintenance of the stage lighting is indispensable, the only way to ensure that the stage lighting can accomplish the task well, while the maintenance of the light can be extended to the end of the day, the stage lighting market has become hot Stage lighting life, which greatly improved the efficiency of the stage lighting it.
The daily maintenance of the stage lighting is also very particular about, in accordance with the maintenance steps to be able to achieve all aspects of the stage lighting maintenance, the following by the Guangzhou stage lighting manufacturers to tell you in detail the maintenance steps under the light bar.
1. Clean the lamp. Light bulbs generally have a normal working life, with the aging of the light bulb, the brightness will become low, the trigger time will increase the light, outdoor use of computer lights must be good rain work, configure a dedicated rain cloth.
2. Protection in transit. Flow performance in the computer lights often frequent handling, good shock measures are essential.
3. Lifting protection. High-altitude flying computer lights must pay attention to personal and equipment safety, before installation, be sure to explain to the installation staff clear scientific lifting method.
4. Optical components, first with a vacuum cleaner or pressure blower to gently blow off the surface dust, with no smell of cotton paper or soaked with water to wipe the grain of cotton, with dipped in ethanol or cotton cloth or no smell of paper to remove dust And the residue, with distilled water to do the final cleaning, and then dry with a soft cotton;
5. With the coating of color films, patterns and optical lenses of the components, because the coating layer surface is very brittle, it is easy to scratch, so do not use destructive solvents for cleaning;
6. To regularly replace the air filter cotton, so that it is in the best ventilation, and enhance the heat of the enhanced lighting;
7. After the show, with the console foam, the lamp does not cut off the power, let it continue to work for some time (let the lamp inside the fan to work to reduce the temperature inside the lamp).
Stage lighting daily maintenance is only to better work, but if you find the stage lighting has been damaged, you should promptly replace the new lamps, so as not to affect the activities of the process, and finally wish our customers a new year, Rise.

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