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LED display and stage lighting side by side what role


LED display technology for the development of todays choreographers have brought great convenience and a broader creative space: on the one hand, it greatly changed the designers creative ideas and creative habits, become the most expressive on the stage, The most eye-catching elements of the stage; on the other hand, it is the creative field of the creative staff from the original stage above the further expansion of the stage, the real stage, line, face, etc. are to show the composition of the art of choreography, with Enhance the reality of technology, for the audience to create a kind of true and false art atmosphere. So the question came, LED display on the lighting design will have what effect?
First of all, now a lot of party stage to a certain extent, is a big box will be glowing, the brightness of the high color is unprecedented. This is equivalent to the whole stage more than a lot of different colors of small lights, some programs even without any lighting equipment, ambient light brightness is enough to support the camera recording. This looks like a good phenomenon, it is not true, we all know that the stage too much light is bound to increase the light control the difficulty of light, Moreover, these light are basically the color of the ambient light. To solve this effect need to know how to control the full LED display on the stage of the light ratio and color. Second, close to the closed stage did not give the lighting division enough room to show the colorful lights. The traditional stage, the chime scenery is left behind by the empty part of the light is responsible for the further creation of the play, or bright or dark lights and bright scenery between the shape of the formation of a combination of the actual situation, mutual complementarity, From the point and the line has been to the surface, full of space. In contrast to the stage of some of todays party, almost all corners are all LED display, although the picture is beautiful, but gives the feeling too "full", too "blocked", and even give a sense of oppression, see Figure 5. And once some of the screen is black background, it did not give the light to leave enough position and space to fill it empty
。In a sense, this in itself violates the rules of choreography design。
LED display and stage lighting side by side what roleIf the actor with a fixed point of the backlight may make the image of the three-dimensional sense of stronger, but that way Fi,gure 5 stage almost all corners are filled with LED third, LED display patterns are often associated with the computer light beam, pattern, color is a conflict, and the current practice of CCTV, the basic are sacrificing the lighting effect To ensure that the LED screen. Some people may say that the beautiful picture is more accurate than the beam spot to convey the theme and content of the program. In fact, too straightforward expression can only become a simple preaching, and not to give people the beauty of the hints and inspiration of the art. So, the spring night can not see the magnificent, breathtaking lighting effects, can only see the bright light on the stage, not very obvious backlight, and a few fixed light, the rest, but a section of fine Of the cartoon. Figure 6, the whole picture is a color是或否会。LED display and stage lighting side by side what roleFigure 6 screen color convergence, weaken the three-dimensional map Spring Festival Evening in the use of LED display Bad picture overall sense worthy of studyhas made no doubt a great success, from static symbols to static and dynamic combination of the screen, from the vast sky, gurgling streams to the vast wilderness, LED display illustrations, , For the audience to interpret the meaning of the stage to enhance the artistic expression; the same time, it led the stage machinery, lighting technology development and change. However, the problem is that the art of choreography is a mutually inclusive art of integration, over-reliance on a technology is bound to bring other technology to suppress, seem to improve the effect, in fact, bring a single and uneven sense of balance. Any new technology is a double-edged sword, how to use it rationally, control it, is very important; otherwise it will inevitably bring a lot of problems and trouble, or even to the opposite. As the most dazzling technology star on the stage today, how to use the LED display with the program content, choreography design, lighting design better integration for the majority of television viewers to provide a more beautiful picture, practitioners should think and explore.

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