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For the drama to provide the three creative space multi-channel surround sound technology

Date:2015/9/21 source:China,show,website

Multi-channel surround sound technology is the first with the development of the film industry and the emergence of. In 1977, Dolby Laboratories successfully developed a multi-channel surround system - Dolby Stereo, marking the film sound of the production process officially entered the era of multi-channel surround sound. Today, with the continuous development of multi-channel surround sound technology, whether it is cinema or home theater, people have been accustomed to multi-channel surround sound to bring the enjoyment and shock. This high-quality listening habits gradually develop, to promote the audience in the theater to watch the performance, the requirements of the drama sound is also getting higher and higher. Therefore, how to break through the traditional, continuous innovation, for the drama audience to bring the sense of freshness and satisfaction, has become every drama audio designers face problems. In order to achieve this goal, drama sound designers have also gradually began to multi-channel surround sound technology applied to their own creative ideas which.
Theater sound design is usually composed of two parts, one is the sound system design, the second is the sound material design. The relationship between the two is not isolated, but complement each other. An ideal design for a sound design is to first develop a sound material design, and then sound as a blueprint for the sound system design, because the sound system to build and debug the final sound material for the production and playback services.
From these two aspects, the traditional concept of drama sound design is relatively simple, the sound system is usually set up audio equipment, audio output directly into the mixer, through the mixer to the sound signal to the stage Taiwan two Side of the main PA speakers or the sound effects inside the stage sound; sound material production is basically the main stereo or mono sound material based. And multi-channel surround sound technology in the application of drama design, is bound to have an impact on these two parts. On the one hand, the sound system to build a higher request, from the sound source to the console platform to the mixer specifications, and then to the number of speakers and placed, to meet the technical requirements of multi-channel surround sound, including the entire System debugging should be in accordance with the standard surround sound system to adjust. On the other hand is the production of sound effects material is also higher, by the production of stereo or mono audio material into a surround sound material production, so that sound production technology more complicated.
In recent years, through the multi-channel surround sound technology applied to the dramatic audio creation in the attempt and exploration, I believe that, compared with the traditional concept of sound design, multi-channel surround sound technology in the application of sound design in addition to the above Said the sound system hardware and technical specifications require a higher, from the creative point of view, multi-channel surround sound technology in the application of drama also has the following advantages.
1 offers a greater creative space
Multi-channel surround sound technology for the drama audio designers to provide creative space, which is mainly reflected in the following three levels.
1.1 expansion of physical space
The loudspeaker layout is no longer confined to the top of the mouth of the bridge, on both sides of the Taiwan wall, lips and other space, surround speakers can be set in the auditorium around the theater or even any corner to achieve the sound material playback Positioning. The design of the multi-channel surround sound system incorporates the audience into the theater performance space, maximizing the use of the stage and the audience space. Through the creation of a specific sound image, you can expand the space of the stage to the whole theater, not just on the traditional stage, but also increase the audience in the drama of the process of participation and freshness.
1.2 Sound material reproduction space diversity
The composition of the multi-channel surround sound system consists of the auditors surround speakers, the main PA speakers on both sides of the stage, and the effect speakers on both sides of the stage. The sound material can be fed to different speakers according to the needs of the sound engineer, and the spatial positioning and sequential order of the different sound effects elements in the respective playback speakers can represent different temporal and spatial relationships, so that the whole sound material sounds more Level, enhance the drama of the three-dimensional sense of time and space. Such as the drama "small well alley" opening sound design is the use of this idea to complete: three sound after the opening bell, the theater lights all received, the audience is dark, this time, the auditorium surround sound speaker to reproduce the intense Gunfire sound, and accompanied by a huge fighter engine roar, resulting from the back to the front of the audience through the head of the audio and video effects; then, the war sound slowly weakened, guns sound more and more sparse, listen to the farther and farther , Then, the direction of the field side of the stage side of the effect of the sound of the speaker to reproduce the sound of the old Beijing cries; followed by the direction of the next side of the stage side of the sound effect of the speaker to reproduce the sparse firecrackers sound; , Presented in front of the audience is a wall, at the same time, an actor shouting cries from the mouth to the stage, the play began.
The opening sound of up to a minute, including the gun sound, the aircraft passing the sound, selling sound, firecrackers, if only through the stage on both sides of the main sound reinforcement speakers to play out, even the same material , The same order, it sounds will make people feel messy and tasteless. And the use of multi-channel surround sound technology, these sound effects were fed to different speakers for playback, not only to make these sounds sound more clearly, but also through the order of playback and with the light with a clear account of the time and space Of the transformation, so that the audience on the plot of time and space relations more clearly, to help the audience faster into the story.
1.3 imagination
First of all, multi-channel surround sound technology in the application of drama audio design has its unique advantages. In general, the purpose of film sound design is to screen services, the screen is the voice design of the lead. Therefore, the application of multi-channel surround sound technology in the film of course, follow this principle. For example, a plane appears flying from left to right, the corresponding surround sound must also be from left to right, and the speed must be consistent with the speed of the plane on the screen. The dramatic sound design, because the stage scene for the audience is relatively fixed, relative to the film sound design a lot less restrictions.
In the theater stage, choreographers are limited by the stage, it is impossible to do the scene of the infinite conversion. Second, the drama sound engineer can use the sound on the stage can not or difficult to achieve the scene to convey to the audience. Therefore, the use of multi-channel surround sound technology in the design of the sound is also relatively richer, to the sound division of the creative space and material is also more diverse. Even if there is no hint in the script, the stage is not presented, as long as the sound in line with the story, in line with peoples life experience, the development of the story and the actors to help, can be reasonable to add to the sound material creation.

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