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How clever use of color lights for stage lighting performance

Date:2015/9/30 source:Sicheng Stagelight

In the stage performance, the rational use of color light for the stage performance by adding light, making the stage more prominent effect, which is a lot of stage lighting manufacturers to pursue an effect, but if the use of inappropriate, will achieve the opposite results, Making the results of the stage greatly reduced, therefore, the rational use of color light stage manufacturers will have some basic skills.
Stage equipment manufacturers believe that color light is divided into four parts, namely, contrast shade, the same color light, a single color light and the same color light, the use of these four shades have their specific environment, how to start using them, or In what kind of occasions to use them are required, the following let the stage equipment manufacturers to do a detailed introduction to the bar.
First, the same kind of light use
The same color light refers to the hue is basically close, but there is a difference in the concentration of a group of shade. For example, there are blue in the blue, green and blue, bright blue, light blue, sky blue; pink orange pink, pink pink, pink, pink and so on. Light design using the same kind of light to create lighting atmosphere, mainly the use of their differences in brightness and color on the different, on the stage to form a dark layer. If the stage cloth to bright pink light, and the door side of the use of pink light, so that the composition of the light effect is based on the pink tone, with a certain distinction between light and shade.
Moreover, we can use the same kind of light to highlight the local play area, in the cloth to the blue light in the play area, with both sides of the platform side light using light blue projection local play area, due to the difference in brightness to local highlight. According to different needs, can also use other "blue", such as bright blue light, sky blue light and so on. In the lamp parts, according to the character of the scheduling and scenery of the status, the use of backlight, both sides of the bridge light, Taiwan and other top light. Parts of the changes, you can get a different effect of light and shadow.
Second, contrast the use of shade
Contrast color light refers to the contrast between cold light and warm light. In the use of cold light and warm light from different directions to the performance area of the characters or scenery, due to contrast and contrast shade, you can get a more intense shade effect. In addition to contrast the atmosphere, but also can enhance the character or scene of the three-dimensional. In the use of contrast color light, to master the selection of different parts, such as the front light and the top cast light, the front light and the top backlight, both sides of the flow of light on the vote and so on. The use of both sides of the bridge side of the light parts, with red and green light symmetrical projection area. Depending on the desired light and shadow effects, if the requirements are strong, and the light can be used in the blue light, if the requirements are more subtle, and light can use sky blue or light blue light. This kind of light distribution method, you can exchange a variety of shade, such as red and blue, orange and blue, pink and green contrast light. At the same time to master the positive light color, brightness and contrast between the changes in color light. If the front light and top backlight use contrast light, the front of the stage using sky blue light, backlight light pink light.
In this way, in the fresh blue tones, the characters body with bright pink light. When using this method of coloring with light, the backlight has enough brightness to get the backlit color effect. When using the curtain, you should pay attention to the light of the light and the color of the sky to be different. If you use the dark background, pay attention to the direction and angle of the backlight beam, do not affect the harmony of the stage picture.
Third, the use of a single color light
A single color light refers to the performance area with only a color of light, used to form the lighting needs of the atmosphere. According to the requirements of creation, you can use cool shade, too
Can choose warm light. The biggest feature of the use of a single color light is the light color is relatively clear, does not produce shades of light between the dilution or change. In the performance of the drama and dance scheduling, sometimes the use of a single light highlights the need to show a group of shapes. For example, in the drama of the show, commonly used in blue light or light green light show night or dawn.
In the dance performances, often with a single color light contrast group dance strong light atmosphere, and with the dance mood and rhythm constantly changing, to enhance the stage performance atmosphere. The use of a single color light, the general does not emphasize the light and dark, if the requirements of a little light and dark distinction, you can take a variety of ways, such as light when the side lights more side lights less; if the same side of the same lamps, Plus the yarn; you can also use the control system to gently depress the side of the luminosity.
Fourth, the application of the same color light
Same color light refers to the same as the cool light or the same warm light. Blue, dark blue, dark green, green, light green, bright green, purple, light purple, Qinglian, etc .; warm light with red, red , Bright roses, deep pink, brilliant pink, dark orange red, orange red, gold orange, gold amber, shallow happens, golden, golden and so on. To the color of light in the blue as the basic shade, the next side of the door with green light, you can form the feeling of the night moonlight. If you want to strengthen the positive brightness, you can change the front light sky or lighter blue. If the light light in the light amber as the basic shade, the door side of the use of red, you can constitute a relatively prosperous atmosphere.
Master the use of various shades of skills, can add more fantasy for the stage effect, although you can add points for the stage, but do not indiscriminate use of shade, and in the use of shade when, but also with other shades with the use of this Fully play the role of excellent light, to the audience to bring more shocking visual feast it.

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