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Three major technical elements of digital theater management system


Theater digital creation management system is based on the computer virtual reality technology platform, set the theater performance process, the theater stage equipment management and information technology as one of the computer application system. In the theater digital creation management system, the real-time rendering technology realizes the three-dimensional visual effect of the theater scene; the interactive real-time driving, the virtual scene equipment movement state and the reality scene exactly the same; the multimedia technology application, Audio and light effects such as audio-visual sense, a high degree of reduction of the scene. Therefore, the theater digital creative management system is a system immersed in the scene, to achieve the arts and management of digital and information system.

Three major technical elements of digital theater management system

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Digital theater management system technology mainly includes the following parts: (1) real-time rendering technology; (2) database technology; (3) computer network and communication technology.
1 real-time rendering
Real-time rendering technology is the basic technology of digital management system, is the result of the development of computer technology. GPU (graphics processing accelerator) processing graphics, the number of units in general thousands, specifically for parallel processing of graphics data, the work efficiency is very high. Especially in recent years, GPU development speed is very rapid, the development of these technologies for the real-time rendering of the computer provides a guarantee and support.
DirectX (Direct eXtension, Multimedia Programming Interface) and OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) provide an API (Application Program Interface) based on GPU hardware technology that directly accesses and calls the hardware processors data processing functions Complete the data processing. Not only can handle geometric data conversion and rendering, but also to deal with audio and video data. The technical processing of these data can provide a platform to show the true sense of audio and video. According to the true proportion of the establishment of three-dimensional scene, and the real sense of texture and texture given to the model, the scene with the lighting system, the use of advanced renderer to complete the realistic rendering of the scene rendering, that created a real three-dimensional scene, This is an important feature of virtual reality technology. Real-time rendering of the systems performance requirements are high, in addition to the computer hardware environment, the system itself is also essential to optimize. Mainly in the following areas to optimize:
(1) cancel the rendering process in the useless process, one-time assignment and calculation;
(2) custom map of the length and width of pixels, optimize the use of computer resources;
(3) small map fight, improve image loading efficiency, reduce the number of loading;
(4) using midmap mapping technology, dynamic loading of different resolution images, improve image processing efficiency;
(5) using LOD (hierarchical display) technology, dynamic loading of different precision models, improve the efficiency of graphics processing;
(6) the use of baking technology instead of real-time lighting, to speed up the efficiency of real-time rendering;
(7) for the resources will no longer be timely unloading, saving system resources;
(8) The same model is only loaded once, using cloning technology to copy.

Three major technical elements of digital theater management system

2 database
Database technology used in the theater of equipment management, performing arts management, cultural exchange promotion and management. Hierarchical design database, the establishment of different tables, respectively, record different classification of data information; between the table to establish the relevant information to facilitate the search and access to data. Create a database backup to prevent database information loss or data corruption.
The database design of the device management, in addition to the general equipment management information, attribute information, model information, etc., but also record some related information, such as the relationship between equipment and model processing, equipment and management data, Relationships, the movement properties of each level of equipment, and so on.
The process of management of the database, to reflect the artistic creativity and process of process management, management process should be based on the design of the timeline, such as the performance of sequence design, virtual rehearsal, choreography and photoelectric sound synthesis, equipment, motor sequences and so on. Therefore, the database to join the time record, by the time to trigger the database call and event occurred.
Cultural exchange and promotion of the database design, the focus is to show the theaters profile, function, performance, results, research, resources, cooperation, communication, display, expansion, service, level, management and so on. Other forms of media culture, such as movies, television, web pages, micro-letters, electronic journals, etc., can be used to support and manage the database.

Three major technical elements of digital theater management system

Network and Communication
Equipment management platform, through the network to obtain control information of the equipment, in the virtual theater to drive the appropriate equipment, real-time theater equipment in real time to show real-time equipment movement. Based on the network of cultural promotion and communication, can broaden the theater market, such as the full use of virtual theater equipment, to achieve network creativity, network choreography design, network rehearsal, design virtual props, etc .; network-based cultural services, Man-made interactive booking, seat preview and so on.

Three major technical elements of digital theater management system

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