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How to debug stage lighting

Date:2015/11/18 source:Sicheng Stagelight

For the stage performance, because it involves complex character performances and the stage environment, so the need for stage lighting hue, color, color temperature, brightness, projection range, dimming scene, sequence program editing and other aspects of debugging , This is not a simple job, it is related to the performance of the entire stage performance, so these debugging is the system, for such a complex stage lighting system debugging, stage lighting manufacturers how to complete this task perfectly, I think The entire debugging work can be divided into four steps.
First, the equipment should be carefully checked the situation alone, because the computers internal control system and mechanical parts more sophisticated, light power consumption, protection measures are relatively perfect, so if the transport or installation due to internal control Components or bulb damage, the computer lights generally do not work properly, and want to complex lighting system to confirm the fault of the cause of the fault is too much trouble, so try to connect or install the system before the separate check each Equipment, the situation can do both check the lights and check the purpose of the console.
Second, to the correct lighting settings. It can be said that all the computer lights should be in the correct settings to work properly, so in order to unit and the system in a normal and orderly state, the correct setting is very important, set the contents include: lighting control, power The mode of supply, the range of motion, the address of the lamp in the system, the processing of the control line terminal, where the position of the fixture in the system is often set in the project, and its setting is based on the choice of the address code , That is, the DIP switch on the lamp must be strictly in accordance with the product specification provided by the form, can not act hastily.
Third, is the lighting control equipment settings. The biggest feature of the computer lights is that they need to have the appropriate control device to control the operation, if the console is improperly used, set unreasonable or failure, the computer will not work properly, or even work, especially complex The control system of the lighting system plays an important role in the normal operation of the lighting. Therefore, the equipment must be set. The contents of the control include the control mode, the output mode of the control signal, the type and quantity of the lamp, the control software Content and so on.
Fourth, the need to explain: After the completion of the above steps, you need to check the action of the controller and the action of the computer lights are consistent with the normal self-test, etc. Also, we must pay attention to the lighting system and the sound system with each other Interference, if any, then record the time to produce dry and specific equipment model, in order to facilitate the future solution.
Stage lighting system debugging, to find and solve many of the details of the problem, to ensure that the stage performance to achieve the desired purpose, therefore, in the system debugging, should not sloppy, so as to achieve the desired purpose.

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