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LED Par light category

Date:2015/9/2 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Engaged in the stage lighting industry professionals are familiar with the LED par lamp, but with the continuous improvement of peoples lives,

 LED par light is no longer confined to business occasions, and in some daily activities, LED par lamp to play the role of more and more The bigger, 

such as in the wedding. Ordinary consumers also have the demand for LED par light, but how to choose it, read the following content, I believe we have the hearts of the answer it.

LED Par light categoryLED Par light categoryLED Par light categoryIf used in accordance with the use of points, generally divided into commercial lighting and stage lighting these two types, literally can be learned that their main use is lighting, but this lighting is different, in commercial lighting, LED Pai lamp has become a spotlight, it is mainly to the relatively large power lamp beads, to launch a more intense glare of white light, and in the stage lighting, LED par lamp function almost the same with the LED dyed lights are To launch a colorful light-based, light beads mainly red, green and blue primary colors mainly. Mainly used in a variety of stage performances, exhibitions, want to use that type of light, according to the actual situation to choose. In addition, LED par lamp can also be classified according to the appearance of the shape, where the appearance of the general refers to the shell material, generally have aluminum shell, cast aluminum shell and waterproof shell three types. There is a classification is to par lamp power to be divided, the market common power of 24W, 36W, 54W, 108W, 162W several types. Read these, presumably all consumers have a general understanding of the classification of the LED par light bar, then the next can be a good choice of it, I hope you have the needs of customers can find their own use of LED par The

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