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The role of light in life

Date:2015/9/9 source:Sicheng Stagelight

The light is the eyes of a city, especially between the grand festivals, where the city is full of colorful lights, standing high, overlooking the city, you will find a beautiful night by the light, this view Is to spend money, can not buy it In the daytime, we can enjoy the magnificent posture of the military, in the night, we can also enjoy the Beijing this day, we can enjoy the Beijing Peoples Anti-Japanese War and the world anti-fascist war victory 70 anniversary of the parade in Beijing Tiananmen Square, The city brought us a unique light charm, let us follow the stage lighting equipment factory footsteps, into the night of Beijing.
The night of Beijing is bustling and bustling, which brings together people from all ethnic groups throughout the country, as well as tourists from all over the world, where the high-rise buildings are busy and more busy because of the upcoming victory parade. When the night came, the hustle and bustle has not faded, in order to meet the arrival of the victory parade, Beijing this ancient city is glow with a different kind of charm. It is full of lighting, all of a sudden this ancient city of Beijing set off a more correct, more calm, the following to enjoy these magnificent Beijing night it

The role of light in life

Is not feeling very shocked, did not lose to the day of the big parade on the 3rd, and the composition of these magnificent night scenes are countless stage lights, they are a different combination of ways, we presented a rare Beijing Night, give us a interpretation of Beijing is not the same as the United States.The role of light in life

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