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Monitor the four main points of the stage to monitor the TV show


Monitor the four main points of the stage to monitor the TV show

Stage supervision is the director of the drama performance management, is the performance of the scene of the total scheduling, commander. In the course of the show, there is no time and space to study the meeting, only by the stage supervision of a person has the final say. Stage supervision in a moment to make the decision, will affect the performance of the process and participate in the performance of all the spirit and behavior, stage supervision of a word, a gesture, a look, and even the severity of breathing, the spirit of the collective And unity, will have an immeasurable role. Therefore, the stage supervision of the work of highly stimulating, challenging, is indispensable.
The stage supervisor is like the commander of the army in combat, "the correct deployment of the commander comes from the correct determination, the correct determination comes from the correct judgment, the correct judgment comes from the thoughtful and necessary reconnaissance, and for the various reconnaissance materials "To be a stage supervisor with a great demeanor, its correct deployment, correct determination and correct judgment, in the past and in the" thoughtful and necessary reconnaissance, and for the reconnaissance of various reconnaissance materials Up "thinking," where the "reconnaissance" is to collect and master the performance before and in a variety of information, the various information through the "coherent thinking", make the right deployment, issued the correct instructions. I work in the field of television monitoring technology, you can provide the stage for the theater to provide a variety of real-time image information collection, especially the stage surveillance line of sight can not see the information to understand the stage monitoring TV monitoring points, is the video surveillance system The first step in the design. The stage supervisor must have the information to have time information and spatial information. Both are static and moving, moving in a static, and closely linked. For example, an actor should be 20:55 make-up, props ready, 21:00 play, 20:55 is ready in the waiting area? These time and space information is the stage supervision must be timely grasp, otherwise, can not make the right judgment in the performance, issued the correct instructions. According to the characteristics of the work of the stage supervision, combined with the new technology in the field of television monitoring, the author briefly describes the main points of the stage monitoring TV monitoring.
1 "opening" before the acquisition of real-time images
"Opening" has a prescribed start time, which is static, dead time. Static time, can only be specified in the music pool is ready, sets, lights, actors ready and so on. But it is indeed everything is ready, only the opening, but also the need for real-time real information. Now, the scale of the show is becoming more and more large, and the performance personnel and equipment are becoming more and more complicated. Even some performances need to be extended to the audience. The location of the stage supervision is difficult to cover all the stations, The status of the audience hall.
In addition to the above information, sometimes the stage supervision must also have to grasp whether the important guests to the scene, the real-time space information. How can the audience not be opened? The guests arrived, sitting waiting, how is this line? Therefore, the guest team into the theater motor vehicle entrance, is an important time and space information, this point of information collection is essential to the stage command. 3 minutes before the opening of the first pass, the audience seated, notify the departments to do the preparation; 3min, the guests sit in front, playing the second bell, the show began.
These real-time image acquisition at different time points and different locations is an essential function of TV monitoring system.
Therefore, the theater motor vehicle entrance, the theater guests entrance, the audience hall, music pool should be set up TV monitoring points, and, in addition to music pool should be set outside the high-definition camera, so that the stage supervise the accurate identification of guests and their car.

Monitor the four main points of the stage to monitor the TV show

2 real-time monitoring of the ongoing image acquisition
Stage supervision of the post, generally on the stage one can observe and grasp the overall situation, easy to maneuver, and can not let the audience see the location. In this position, the stage supervisor can directly observe the performance of the stage on the whole situation, and can be flexible, timely processing and response to the process of the emergence of a variety of situations. In the course of the show is a combination of static and dynamic, the stage has a static building, facilities and equipment, as well as from the actors in the show, lighting changes, scene changes, sound effects and emotional feedback of the audience. Stage supervision should always grasp this static and dynamic transformation, blending, ready to deal with the process of cross-flow, the ever-changing things. However, although the stage supervisors chose to stand in the overall situation, to grasp the overall situation of the best command, but after all, abnormal performance related to the department, a lot of work, only by the stage to monitor the artificial observation without the use of equipment, It is difficult to do not omit, such as the actor dressing room situation, the mechanical stage of the situation, the situation of the pool, the guests expression, the audiences expression and so on. But the stage supervisor must fully grasp the information, otherwise, will affect the supervision of the decision effect.
Therefore, the performance in progress, the effective video surveillance system should also provide the following real-time monitoring of image information to help the stage to monitor the decision.
(1) from the audience to see the stage on the performance of high-definition image information, allows the stage to monitor the audience from the perspective of the performance of the artistic effect. Because, from the stage to see the scene and the audience to see the scene is completely different.
(2) the audience of high-definition image information, you can let the stage supervisor at any time to understand the audience response to the repertoire, in order to facilitate the decision of the process, such as whether the temporary play and so on.
(3) the front row of guests high-definition image information, you can let the stage supervisors at any time to understand the guests of the expression, the guests feel the guests by the state of artistic infection. The audience of the audience and the atmosphere of the ordinary audience to the stage to monitor a signal to the stage and the audience and the rehearsal situation coherent up to think, to form his instructions, or through his words, a gesture, face Expression and eyes, to the actors and service personnel on the stage, so that the repertoire to the best artistic level presented to the audience.
(4) stage left and right side of the door, the next door standard clear real-time image information.
(5) overlooking the stage panorama standard real-time image information.
(6) to the band command as the center of the music pool status real-time image information.
(7) stage machinery, lighting, audio control room and the station under the standard definition of real-time image information.
(8) mechanical stage lifting position real-time standard definition image information.
Each stage of the theater is not exactly the same, according to the specific circumstances of each theater set monitoring point. Collect the image of the standard visual information to the extent that the decision whether it is necessary to use HD or SD. These points of the image collection, for the stage supervision services to provide the necessary monitoring information.

Monitor the four main points of the stage to monitor the TV show

3 for the perfect callback required for real-time monitoring of image acquisition
At the end of the performance, the stage supervisor organizes the curtain call according to the action of the guest and the mood of the audience. This requires the video surveillance system to provide the audience within the relevant image, so that it does not stand in front of the stage can also clearly see the audience hall real-time images in order to timely and accurate instructions.
After the performance, guests often have to go to the stage condolences to the actors, shake hands with the actors, posed for pictures. In the guests to the stage that a few seconds, the stage should be provided on the stage to provide the stage on both sides of the stage door, the next door of the guests of the action of the standard definition of real-time images, so that the stage supervision and leadership in time to come to Taiwan to meet, guide guests and actors to meet.
After the end of the performance, the audience is deeply moved by the story is often long warm applause, a long time do not want to leave, hope the actor back to the field, the stage supervision in hearing the applause at the same time, should also be able to see the audience hall enthusiastic scenes of high-definition images Organize the actors to pay tribute to the audience, the formation of actors and the audience enthusiastic respect for the moving scenes, to achieve a successful curtain call.

Monitor the four main points of the stage to monitor the TV show

4 video monitor layout
During the performance, all the staff on the stage should follow the performance process as a directive, closely around the performance process to carry out their own work to avoid any accident, otherwise, the show will be interrupted, this is the stage supervision does not need to issue a silent command. The messenger who conveys this silent command is the HD real-time monitor image on the stage. In the waiting room or waiting area, dressing room, mechanical stage control room, lighting control room, sound control room, music pool and VIP room, etc., the layout of the video monitor, display the stage performance high-definition real-time images, the performance process All the staff on stage, in order to post on time, so that the performance smoothly.
As the actors on the stage can not see the action of the music pool, so, but also on both sides of the stage layout video monitor, display the music command of the standard image, so that the performance and music coordination.
Real-time TV monitoring system to collect images for the stage to provide timely and accurate on-site information, is the stage supervision of the field command of a strong assistant, is the scene to make the correct judgments, issued the correct instructions to ensure the success of the show to achieve the highest artistic realm indispensable The technical means. In the specific practical engineering applications, should also be combined with the building structure, combined with the above points, to make a reasonable, so that the stage to monitor the satisfaction of the design.

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