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Practical methods of stage lighting control


1, in the cold state of the bulb, suddenly push bright (full) light, the result may cause the bulb "snapped" burst burst; or cause the bulb tungsten wire blown.
(1) As the bulb in the production process, the bulb of the glass shell is inevitably uneven thickness, resulting in uneven heat caused by the phenomenon. When suddenly light bulb, it will cause the bulb glass shell instantly warming, as if life to an empty glass filled with hot water the same effect.
(2) after the use of light, the bulb in the heat from the process of cooling, will absorb the water molecules in the air, these water molecules will stay in the bulb glass shell gathered. When you suddenly push the light bulb, the glass shell on the water molecules, as if the hot oil pan in the same effect, the light bulb is a matter of course.
(3) suddenly push the light, will cause instantaneous impact current (rise), so easy to break the tungsten wire bulb.
Operation Tips: When the bulb in the cold state (before the opening), the console fader only push a little (often said that the calendering state), so that the light bulb, let it in a warm state, so that Its heat evenly, while evaporating condensation in the bulb glass shell on the water molecules, preheat for a few minutes, then push a little, and then preheat a few minutes before the lights can be completely shine.
2, should not push the dome to push the state, and then open the silicon box power. The results and the above results are the same, two will damage the bulb. All the faders of the dimmer should be turned off and the silicon box power supply should be turned on.
3, should not switch equipment, the light console and silicon box power in reverse order. Turn on the power, you must first turn on the power of the light console, and then open the silicon box power; turn off the power, turn off the power of the silicon box, turn off the light console power. If you reverse the order of operation, then the line will cause all the lights are flashing, this will affect the lamp life.
4, should not push the light bulb, the big move shaking lamps. The bulb tungsten wire will break or fall off.
Light bulbs in the light, the temperature gradually increased, the tungsten wire will also be softened accordingly, while the impact of gravity, tungsten wire also drooping accordingly (if the bulb is not using screw-like tungsten wire, this phenomenon is particularly evident) , This time when the big shake the lights, but also until the lights completely cooled, before the demolition.
5, should not replace the light bulb, the direct contact with the lamp, which will affect the light bulb, and another hidden hazard is caused by the burst of light bulbs.
(1) grease on the fingers or fingers and glass bulb surface friction will leave a "scars", thus affecting the bulbs finish and transparency thus affect the normal light bulb illumination.
(2) If there is sweat on the fingers, fingers and bulbs "intimate" contact, the sweat salt molecules will absorb the water molecules in the air, once the bulb on the water, when the bulb heated, it is easy to burst.
Operation Tips: When replacing the lamp, be sure to wear gloves and then touch the lamp. If there is no gloves, can be wrapped with bulbs sponge, plastic paper or soft paper towels wrapped, and then installed, after installation must remember to take these packages down, so as not to light up the bulb when the fire.
6, should not be reflected back to the light of the light speed is too focused. Too focused will be in a short time will be installed on the lamp color of the color paper fade, loss of color, even worse, the color paper baked out a hole. If the direct distance of the lamp and flammable items too close, it is impossible to point it.
Operation skills: adjust the lamp when the light beam, adjust a little astigmatism as well, if it is not enough light, can add lamps.
7, do not install the color changer at the same time forget to install the protective net cover, protective net cover is to prevent the bulb explosion when the splash wounds and burns like a light back to no 2 block pendant slot, by the inside of a file is installed protective net Cover with the outside of a block is fitted with a color device, and some PAR lamps have a fixed protective net cover, which is not quite good?
8, remember to make the hot light source of the lamp and flammable curtain is too "affectionate". Years ago, a school in the northeast in a performance process, because the lights will be lit curtain ignited the fire, causing hundreds of casualties tragedy. Therefore, the light and the curtain to maintain a certain distance between the light is important. 300W lamps direct direction and curtains of the distance of not less than 75px, lamps side, tail and curtain (still state) of the distance of not less than 2m, if the curtain swing is very large, it may be close to the lamp, And the middle of the curtain set up a metal isolation network, to prevent the curtains on the lamp and cause a fire. 500W or more lamps, straight curtains in the distance of 5m away, the side, tail and curtains away from the 3m away.
9, should not be installed by the power of the power exceeds the power specified by the manufacturers. The power carried by each circuit on the light box is described in detail in the manual. Generally each circuit carrying power is 1KW, 2KW, 3KW, 6KW. To 6KW, for example, silicon box, also known as solid-state relay solid state relay is 60A, calculated, can carry power is 13.2KW, anyway, there is such a large power space, in this circuit can be installed more than 6KW light The Only consider the bulb in the fuse moment generated by the current, so consider the problem is one-sided.
10. Avoid connecting the load, causing three-phase imbalance. We all know that the light of the silicon box input power, most of the three-phase four-wire system. When the lamp load is connected to the silicon case, it is possible to cause the three-phase unbalance to occur if the light load is connected without being assigned. So, when the lights are pushed bright, you will feel the difference between light and light.

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