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How is the wedding light arranged?

Date:2015/10/28 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Lighting is our daily life can not be separated from the lighting equipment, and in the eyes of businesses, the lights are changing thousands of uses, many long before the yellow leader of the century wedding attracted the attention of people around the world, such as the size of the wedding, Absolutely no light to help, then how to arrange for the scene of the wedding lights, LED lights manufacturers to light for everyone weapon it.
Look at the venue
In the wedding lighting design at the beginning, look at the venue is one of the essential links. The lighting designer needs to look at the scene of the wedding scene and measure the size and local dimensions of the entire site. The details of the banquet hall should be recorded one by one, such as the ceiling, the wall and the ground color and material, the layout of the wedding scene will be how to set the stage set up and size, new people have T station, through Routes and other details should be confirmed at the scene clear.
2. Identify the program
Then enter the lighting design stage, the lighting designer will be based on the theme of the wedding, the process and floral arrangement program, wedding music design and other wedding details to finalize the wedding of each wedding program. The lighting scheme will include the creation of the overall atmosphere of the site, the lighting design of the main stage area, the lighting design of the new entrance area, the lighting design of the guest area, and the lighting design of the surrounding area. Designers will be based on different needs to choose the right lighting equipment, and in accordance with the design to determine the light layout.
3. secondary creation
The specific implementation of the program to wait until the wedding venue to complete the time, in the field lighting designers according to the stage, floral and other details of the wedding arrangements such as the situation in a timely manner to adjust their work progress and program, which is the lighting designer at the scene Second creation.
Wedding scene to use the light is very much, how reasonable layout and not a standard, a lot of lighting designers are on the spot for the show, according to the wedding scene layout, and to use the light type is also very much, a person Is difficult to care for each other, therefore, wedding lighting layout often have a professional team responsible, so as to more prominent wedding theme, the above is only some of the approximate layout of the principle,

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