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What do you need to build stage lighting?

Date:2017/10/10 source:sichengstagelight
Stage lighting has always been a variety of essential items, such as the company annual meeting, party, reception and other occasions, and stage lighting inseparable.
First, the stage lighting components 1, dimming table
2, all kinds of lamps
3, air box (for loading lights, easy to transport)
4, lighthouse

5, wire and cable

What do you need to build stage lighting?What do you need to build stage lighting?What do you need to build stage lighting?What do you need to build stage lighting?What do you need to build stage lighting?What do you need to build stage lighting?

Second, the type of stage lighting Many types of stage lighting, but also very complex, and many stage lighting is due to various occasions and customs,

 and this can not be described one by one, but some of the most commonly used, the most representative of the light.

1, the parameters of light commonly used in two, ordinary pa lights, led par light.
Pa lights are usually installed in a dedicated lighthouse or lighthouse, the main role is to ensure that the stage brightness and some lighting effects. Ordinary plane photos and effects
LED parameter lights pictures and effects

Ordinary pa lamp due to the larger power, impure color, has now been gradually replaced by LED indicator. As far as I know,

 LED par lights compared to the par lights is the biggest advantage is: 1, a variety of colors, special effects 2, power,

 to meet the power requirements of various places 3, soft light recommended that most customers in the choice of reference light , Give priority to LED lights.

2, computer shaking his head is also a variety of night, the use of lights every year often. Computer moving head lights, 

as the name suggests, the light kept shaking his head, back to shake the effect of light.

 Computer Moving Head Light The effect of computer moving head is the main feature of dynamic lighting effect, so that the stage and program more dynamic, more dynamic.

3, chasing light chasing light photos and effects
Follow the light is also the wedding, the meeting business, the company will be the necessary light.
4, beam light photos and effects
The effect of the beam light is a bright beam, widely used in concerts, or dance dancing class art scene.