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Stage lighting latest Guangzhou Lighting Festival

Date:2015/10/17 source:Sicheng Stagelight

Every year, Guangzhou will host an annual festival of light, the last year I personally went to enjoy some of the modern festival in Guangzhou, 

can be described as star-studded, dazzling, that colorful lights, radiant, straight Visitors have closed their eyes, 

that is composed of a variety of colorful lights pattern also let visitors amazing, this is really a rare light show ah! 

So this years Guangzhou Lighting Festival and what new changes, the following Please follow the pace of the Guangzhou stage lighting together in advance to enjoy it under the bar.
2017 Guangzhou Lighting Festival will be in mid-November as scheduled, at the press conference,

 the current light Festival Organizing Committee said that this years exhibition is still a period of time to show, 

the show mainly for the sea sand, Flower Square and the Pearl River Seven waterways and other areas of the channel.

 Huacheng Square lighting works for the November 14 - November 29, which lasted 16 days; the Pearl River seven bridge extension for the November 14 - May 10, 2016.
The current light festival with "light shadow" as the theme, Huacheng Plaza, the main venue will have nearly 40 pieces of light art works,

 the Pearl River before the seven bridges on the channel also works.
The previous light festival to take the direction of the designer invited to create the form of lighting works, 

and the first festival for the global collection of lighting works, activities received a total of nearly 60 groups at home and abroad, are environmentally friendly, 

energy saving, innovation for the design concept. The judges selected about 40 works from the public.
A group of works from abroad will bring an unprecedented experience to the public. "Illusion" (phantom), 

will be in the Guangzhou Library North wall projection of the ever-changing Ambilight, "

m agic carpets" (magic carpet) using the ground projection Technology allows visitors to stay in the "light", "

people screen" (all living phase) the use of real-time Internet and far away in the southern hemisphere of Australia, 

"control no control" (sound and light control) for the public show the interaction between man and technology.
Introduces 3D holographic sound effects for the first time
November 14 at the opening ceremony of the theme of "between light and shadow",

 when the organizers will dedicate a sound and light performance. 

The show will be the first time the introduction of 3D holographic sound system, 

the audience can experience the sound of the live sound with the optical feast. 

The opening ceremony consists of the lighting ceremony and the "heaven",

 "earth" and "human" three performance chapters, each chapter by different styles of visual show from the dance, songs, a

crobatics and other forms of performance perfect fusion.
This year the festival is not only the ground and the bridge works

, but also for the first time the venue around the high-rise buildings for high-altitude laser show show.

 Laser beam in the Guangzhou tower for the central axis of the high-rise between the shuttle back and forth to light weaving nets,

 high-altitude light and shadow reflected on the ground of the colorful, the venue around the buildings really connected into one, forming a magnificent spectacular city space scene.
The highlight of this festival is the first time the introduction of the 3D holographic sound effects, 3D movies we usually see more, 

it does give us a lot of shock, I do not know the 3D holographic sound will give people what kind of surprise What? 

Guangzhou stage lighting manufacturers will always do for the whole live, I hope you can not miss.

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