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Stage lights on the stage lights

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Stage lights on the stage lights

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Now the theater construction in the audience hall lighting will generally belong to the decoration lighting design, blue, white work lights to the stage lighting design. Stage lighting system is also generally for the audience hall dimming, blue and white work lights were prepared to 12 ~ 36 Road dimming / through loop. Or in a dimming cabinet, or a separate mobile silicon box. Although the general theater in the lighting control room, the stage, the theater staff entrance and other locations to install independent control panel, but because the control loop in the dimming silicon room, especially the work lights, the audience hall lighting dimming circuit and performance dimming Circuit installed together in the system, each time the lights, have to open the silicon control room, a lot of trouble. Related lamps, rarely use incandescent lamp, can not be dimmed with SCR.
During the meeting, the audience hall lighting is not bright enough, TV broadcast, in the mouth to install a large number of fill light, the stage is not beautiful, the audience glare serious. Work lights more chaotic, white light low illumination, in the equipment, dismantling and stage cleaning process, you must open part of the stage lighting. Blu-ray lamp installation location, power improper, can not form a coherent channel indicator lighting, local light effects show, the performance is often turned off all the lamps, the staff of the flashlight guide on the end of the field. Some side by side with two fluorescent lamps, a blue and a white, even worse, blue and white lights by a switch control, while bright, off.
1 stage work light function positioning
Stage work lights do not have the relevant standards, according to the author through the theater construction practice, as well as to the theater management, the use of teachers ask you, summed up a set of functional positioning, please teacher, peer criticism.
2 stage function area lighting (white light)
2.1 function, locating and name drawing
I believe that the so-called white work light reference is not accurate, its function is non-performance time stage lighting, defined as the stage function area lighting is more accurate. Covering the stage, including the main stage, the stage, side stage, other location auxiliary space and lighting; the floor of the road lighting; stage over the floor of the grid space lighting; stage below the floor space lighting; Space lighting.
2.2 reference standard
Since the definition of lighting, reference standards are relatively easy, divided into channel lighting and work area lighting two. General channel lighting, viewing architecture without relevant standards, it is recommended to refer to GB50034-2013 "architectural lighting design standards" in 5.3.5, "hotel building lighting standard value" in the guest room corridor illumination standards, greater than 50 lx; work area lighting, involved To the table, dismantling the table, and even the choreography device on-site production, should refer to GB50034-2013 "architectural lighting design standards" in 5.3.4, "view architectural lighting standard value" rehearsal hall illumination standards, greater than 300 lx.
2.3 installation location
Road lighting, the roof lighting, the audience space, highly common in the 2 m ~ 3.5 m; the main stage, after the stage, side stage, height of 10 m up and down.
2.4 control mode
The main stage, the stage after the stage, the stage on the stage over the layers of the road, controlled by the integrated control panel, in the stage lighting control room, stage supervision bit, theater management staff and other positions set integrated control panel. The main stage of the first and second floor of the top of the top of the grid behind the top of the grid, the layers of the road, the audience space, chasing light room, surface bridge in the above area at the main entrance of the linkage switch panel, control the corresponding area. The slanting chamber has a switch panel at each floor entrance. Such lighting does not require dimming.
2.5 Use light source and lamp type
As such lighting does not require dimming, the color rendering index, light stability is not strict requirements, but according to the general requirements of lighting can be. Can be flexible use of a variety of light sources, under the conditions of reality, in the principle of energy saving and environmental protection, should give priority to the use of energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, ceramic metal halide lamp, LED lights. Lamp chooseion to consider the glare control requirements, according to the installation location of lamps and lanterns to choose the type, high installation to LED lights, gold halide light cast light-based, low to fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps.

Stage lights on the stage lights

3 performance blue light work lights
3.1 functions, regional positioning and name formulation
Blu-ray work of the proposed picture is more image, I believe that to strengthen the use of features, called "performance channel blue light" is more appropriate.
Covers the main stage, the stage, the stage, the other stage of the auxiliary stage, the performance of the dark field channel indicator lighting; stage over the layers of the road, the performance of the ground indicator lighting; stage below the negative layer, negative two-story performance in the dark field Channel indication lighting; light room during the performance of dark field channel instructions lighting.
3.2 reference standard
As the light is used during the performance of the channel instructions, if too bright will affect the performance, according to GB50034-2013 "architectural lighting design standards" in the 4.1.1 standard value of illumination should be 0.5 lx, 1 lx, 2 lx, 3 lx, 5 lx ... ... 3000 lx, 5000 lx grading. Choose a lower level, between 1 lx ~ 5 lx, uniformity can also be appropriate to lower, allowing short distance (less than 200 mm) black area.
3.3 Installation location
Lamp installation location along the wall, from the ground 150 mm ~ 350 mm. Individual locations, such as the main stage on both sides of the waiting position, consider the top of the installation of low-power narrow-angle cast light, so that actors find play ready position.
3.4 control mode
Integrated control panel control, in the stage lighting control room, stage supervision bit, theater management personnel and other positions set integrated control panel. Can be shared with the stage area lighting a control panel, but it is best to independent control, so as to avoid operational errors. This kind of lighting dimming is best.
3.5 Use light source and lamp type
Due to the special requirements of lighting requirements, low power, low illumination, small size, should give priority to the use of LED lights. Lamps to control glare, choose indirect lighting.

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