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Stage lighting development flaws

Date:2015/11/11 source:Sicheng Stagelight

With the continuous development of Chinas economy, peoples living standards are constantly improving, the most obvious is the pursuit of the enjoyment of life, therefore, this demand is also a direct impetus to Chinas stage lighting industry to a higher level of development, Stage lighting is not yesterdays Amon, but compared with the Western developed countries, Chinas stage lighting level is still more backward, what factors led to the gap caused by those factors? Stage lighting equipment manufacturers that the following factors.
1, lack of investment in the development of lamps, the lack of technical reserves
In recent years, some domestic manufacturers have begun to have a greater capital investment, the development of some new products, but for such a vast country in China, it is far from enough. Driven by economic interests, short-sighted behavior is not uncommon, willing to invest and carry out technical reserves even more rare.
2, the design strength is weak
Some of the domestic stage lighting manufacturers designers the number of small, not even, the staff of professional low level, often in the development of new products temporarily invited people. Although it may be true to the lighting experts, but they do not understand the stage, do not understand the function of the lamp in the stage, may not be designed for the stage welcomed the lamps and lanterns. In addition to product development after leaving, can not improve and upgrade the product.
3, low-end market impact
At present, many theater, theater economic constraints, in particular, a large number of small and medium-sized theater and the county-level theater is particularly prominent. So the low price, low performance products still have a wide range of markets. The manufacturers have to compete for low-end market, the price war is inevitable. The cost of the product can save a little less than five percent, the material thinner, slightly thinner wire, the process a little less, the quality of the product so little to the extermination.
4, the concept behind
The concept of backwardness involves many aspects. In the domestic manufacturers side, some people think that low-tech lamps and technologies, a look will be, do not have to invest in the development of as long as the imitation on the line; also some people think that high-end products without the market, the development of large investment, the risk of large; , The technical standards and norms turned a blind eye; even the legal concept of low, shoddy, fake and shoddy.
The reasons for the gap is multifaceted, despite the level of the stage lighting with the developed countries there is a certain gap, but the domestic stage lighting equipment manufacturers should not be frustrated, Chinas stage lighting after decades of development, and Western developed countries The level has been pulled very close, as long as we insist on innovation, continue to absorb foreign advanced management concepts, will be able to create the glory of the domestic stage lighting.
How to change the current stage of the status of the lighting industry: 1. Products to be constantly updated, all in the creative, as far as possible to produce cost-effective products,
2. Innovative stage lighting industry development of the forefront of new products continue to line up to the international market
3. National policy into the stage lighting project development, the development of cultural performing arts interpretation activities, heritage of Chinas great culture of the show

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