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Theater stage mechanical lighting device process configuration points


Theater stage mechanical lighting device process configuration points

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Theater stage mechanical process configuration to consider a lot of problems, summed up the following can be drawn:
(1) before the construction of the theater, to the regions resources, population, cultural background, economic development and other circumstances, to the theater to do a more accurate positioning: to determine the theaters performance type; theater design scale; is a professional theater or more The use of the theater; multi-purpose theater of the main performance drama and take into account what is the function; theater management model is what; Then, according to the nature of the theater to determine the stage form.
(2) professional opera dance theater, in particular, ready to use field unity management model, ready to receive foreign theater groups, have to configure the perfect stage machinery and equipment. The number of equipment on the stage to be more complete, such as fire screen, curtain machine, fake Taiwan mouth, King hanging boom, ceiling boom, light boom, light bridge, light cage, flight equipment. According to the stage form, but also configure the side stage noise fire curtain, set a certain number of equipment, such as music pool lift, the main lift, car, car turntable and a variety of auxiliary lift. The technical performance requirements of the stage machinery and equipment are appropriately improved to meet the needs of the reception of international cultural groups. The general professional dance theater, according to the situation is appropriate.
(3) professional theater to configure the perfect platform machinery, such as fire screen, curtain machine, fake Taiwan mouth, King boom, ceiling boom, light boom, light cage and so on. Moderate number of equipment, technical performance indicators medium. The platform can be used to configure the platform, turntable (drum turntable with lift, umbrella turntable or other turntable) or lift.
(4) For the professional concert hall, the platform to configure the lighting suspension equipment, audio reflex equipment and other equipment, the audience can be configured according to the needs of piano lift, band and chorus lift.
(5) multi-purpose theater to be based on its main purpose configuration stage machinery and equipment, and according to the appropriate function to increase. For example, in the opera house or theater theater performances, small concert, we must add a sound reflector.
(6) the main reception of the theater theater, the stage machinery must pay attention to the versatility and flexibility, more equipment on stage, the audience can be less equipment.
(7) on the multi-functional theater, according to the functional requirements of the stage to change the stage equipment (also manually set up), configure a small amount of equipment on stage.

Theater stage mechanical lighting device process configuration points

In short, set the stage machinery, we must pay attention to the following:
(1) Necessity: essential equipment must have. For example, in all theaters, the use of the highest frequency of the equipment on the stage is essential, not only to set, but also have a certain number and quality level; platform equipment can be determined according to the needs and investment situation, what.
(2) targeted: for the size of the theater and theater major performances of the drama, and consider other functions to determine the stage machinery settings.
(3) applicability: try to consider the configuration of those who are applicable to most of the equipment, try to avoid special equipment.
(4) economy: the stage machinery, not only to consider the type of equipment, specifications, quantity and performance, but also consider the equipment usage, operating costs, maintenance costs and total investment.
To deal with the stage of mechanical settings and performance drama, management mode, performance system and stage form and other aspects of the relationship, in order to avoid blindness, out of the stage design stage mechanical configuration greedy, comparisons and from the actual copy of the photo sets , To make economic, practical and consistent with the actual situation of the design.
Excerpt from "Performing Arts" 2012 the ninth period

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